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Guild:Perdition (Lightbringer EU)

Horde 15 Overview Edit

Perdition was founded on -Lightbringer EU- at the end of TBC by Par, Tanith and Holypants. With the release of WOTLK, Perdition expanded it's walls to a great number of people. Thoughout WOTLK so far, it has maintained a steady progression rate, trying to clear every current raid content possible. You can find our current progression on our main website. Perdition tries to keep a positive, calm and happy atmosphere within the guild and raids.


For more information you can contact any of the officers listed below ingame.

Horde 15 Officers Edit

Please feel free to contact any of the following officers: Incubus, Quelanas, Holypants, Catlantia, Sheman, Seeyoujim or Angr ingame for more information.

Horde 15 RecruitmentEdit

We're open again ! Come on in, friends ! ^^

Death Knight: OPEN (MEDIUM)(Tank & Frost Dual Weild DPS)
Druid: OPEN (HIGH)(Healer)
Hunter: OPEN (LOW)
Paladin: OPEN (HIGH)(Tank, Healer & DPS)
Priest: OPEN (LOW)(DPS, Shadow Priest)
Warrior: OPEN (HIGH)(Tank & DPS)

Applications can be done here.

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