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Peon Action Party is a new Singapore/Oceanic based end-game guild that is currently raiding Karazhan ,Zul'Aman ,Gruul's Lair .We have cleared Karazhan.We have lots of active level 70 members that are from countries like Singapore,Thailand,Kuwait,Australia,and America.About 60 percent of the guild is Singaporean.

We are currently attempting Gruul's Lair and Zul'Aman ,as such ,we are looking for more ACTIVE level 70 members to join our community,if you feel this is the guild for you,please whisper any member of the guild so we can tell an officer of your interests.

We mostly raid on weekdays as we feel that weekends are time for our member's private lives.

Our raids are usually at 4am server time (or 8pm Singapore time).Members who are interested in raiding required to sign up for raids on the website and must be committed to make it in time for the raid.


More information can be found on our website--->

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