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Paradox is a player friendly World of Warcraft guild on the Vek’Nilash server. We encourage helping out others and having a good time as well as family participation and friendships. We raid slightly more than occasionally and often participate in impromptu raids. PvP members are also welcome, we have a few members already that exclusively PvP.

For more information you can contact Eitierana, Argon, Coventina, Kenneth, Fea, Summerrose or Lichpawn in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by 'Eitierana' (ET), 'Sublimation' and a group of friends, after their previous guild Notorious disbanded following the release of The Burning Crusade. After leveling to lvl 70, they proceeded to run Karazhan, during which, people were lost to other guilds, So after a recruitment drive we proceeded to run Karazhan again, and once again lost some core raiders to other guilds, after this second attempt at kara, Sublimation decided to leave the guild and join a guild he had previously been in, leaving ET to run things, shortly after this ET promoted Argon (alts include Sinryu, feralryu) to GM to assist in the running of things. Again after another recruiting session we finally managed to start running Kara successfully. Once WotLK was released, we left Kara behind and concentrated on leveling to lvl 80, at which time we started running Heroic Dungeons, gearing up for what was the First raid in the new expansion, Naxx. We are currently Running Ulduar 10, and have the first 5 bosses on farm mode, and are learning the rest as we go. 10 and 25 man OS are on farm status. We have cleared 10 man Trial of the Crusader, and 10 Man Onyxia. We have also had a few attempts at OS+1 but still haven't managed to do that yet, but we are working on it as and when time allows. During this time, Coventina and Fea were also promoted to GM rank.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

These are pretty much the only scheduled raid we do at the moment, all others are as and when we have the people online.

Also see Guild website for more info on raids.

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a casual family guild.*
  • We don't force people into raiding, and don't penalize people if they cant make a raid or don't want to raid, people are welcome here to enjoy playing WOW in a fun social environment.*
  • We won't tolerate swearing in guild chat*
  • No politics or religious views in guild chat*
  • Alts are encouraged to be part of the guild, especially if u have a toon ready for raids so u can see if u are needed for raiding.*

Guild Raid Pictures Edit

MC clearedEdit

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj by 10Edit

Paradox AQ40 by 10

Officers Edit

Eitierana (ET) (80 Hunter and Priest), Guildmaster Guild leader. Contact for Guild Invites, info on the guild etc.
Other GM's are Argon (80 Shaman, rogue and hunter)
               Fea (80 Warrior, Druid and Mage)
               Coventina (80 Priest, Rogue and DK)
Officers       Chridius (80 Pally, DK and Warrior)
               Lightlifes (80 Pally, Druid and Priest) Raid Leader
               Summerrose (80 Shaman)
Class Leaders  Paladin (Prot) - Ajzero
               Mage - Averill
               Warlock - Jaymar
               Shadow Priest - Berate
               Warrior (dps) - Darkpath
               Warrior (tank)- Vellwind
               Druid - Narsong
               Hunter - Open
               Shaman - Open
               Rogue - Open
               Death Knight - Shirokami
**mains listed first next to name**
Contact any of these ingame for Info about Paradox or Info about joining Paradox.

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