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Guild InformationEdit

Guild DescriptionEdit

Pantheon Bloodline, or <Pantheon> in-game, is the premier raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel (RP), out of both the Alliance and the Horde. The guild is notable for not only their numerous server firsts, but recognized for bringing together highly skilled and very distinguished players under the same banner. Many guild members are former officers or class leaders of the previous top three alliance guilds, Apex, Conviction and Argent Exodus. The guild was formed on Sunday September 30, 2007, amid a cloud of angst, happiness, hope and general outcry from the server community. The guild is now the most successful progression guild on the server, and is working on clearing Sunwell Plateau.

Server firstsEdit

Boss Date Screenshot
M'uru August 14 2008
Eredar_Twins June 12 2008
Felmyst May 18 2008 Felmyst
Brutallus May 1 2008 Brutallus
Kalecgos March 27 2008 Kalecgos
Black Temple
Illidan Stormrage February 2 2008 Illidan
Illidari Council January 20 2008 Council
Mother Shahraz January 11 2008 Shahraz
Reliquary of Souls December 12 2007 Reliquary
Gurtogg Bloodboil December 7 2007 Bloodboil
Teron Gorefiend November 30 2007 Gorefiend
Black Temple
Archimonde December 17 2007 Archimonde
Azgalor November 30 2007 Azgalor
Kaz'rogal November 19 2007 Kaz'rogal
Anetheron November 19 2007 Anetheron
Rage Winterchill November 18 2007 Winterchill

Guild Origin & RootsEdit

  • Apex: Apex was always right behind Conviction in progression, though always notably larger in size. This guild was formed after Enders was abandoned by their two guild leaders. Officers and class leaders took the reigns, without their old guild bank, and began anew. They were never really in the shadow of Conviction, and in some cases the two guilds even teamed up for world raid encounters. Most Apex members had very good relationships with those in Conviction, and the competition was always kept friendly. This friendship alone played a key factor in their later progression, since many well known players left The Heretics to join them. They stayed right behind Conviction in progression, even after the burning crusade. The former guild master of Apex is now the Lord of Pantheon Bloodline.
  • Notable Ex-Members: Alluring, Andomin, Dalm, Jaxar, Merklyn, Natasi, Shaqanna, Tubs, Vallin

  • Argent Exodus: Argent Exodus was always the center of roleplaying for the whole server, and they played a key role in the progression. They were always pushing through content slightly slower than Apex and Conviction, however they stayed close and maintained pace until late in the burning crusade. Many former members were very well known to the community, however their fame and skill could no longer maintain the raiding bodies needed to keep raiding. For this reason, while the plans for Pantheon were still in motion, many of their class leaders and officers left to peruse a heftier raiding calendar. The tight-knit group of players unraveled, with some moving to Apex and others moving to Conviction. The guild still exists today, how it is no longer raiding and is only used for roleplaying purposes.
  • Notable Ex-Members: Biege, Cecili, Kylessa, Rastar, Zaccaro

  • Conviction: Although the remnants of the guild Lore formed Conviction, the guild quickly out shined their former home and outgrew the original roster and eventually became the top alliance raiding guild. In the beginning, the guild had a few members from Lore, server natives, and a handful of transfers. After the downfall of Enders, a few more members joined the guild. The Advent was far ahead of Conviction, due to the sheer amount of well geared transfers they had and their experienced core, however eventually Conviction caught up and surpassed them by the end of the year. Conviction continued hardcore raiding, even after several transitions of guild leadership, and maintained their focus until the week Pantheon was formed. A few of Conviction's oldest players and leaders now play a leadership role in Pantheon.
  • Notable Ex-Members: Andomin, Bayleron, Cadusa, Caelum, Chelali, Jaxar, Kaj, Kirby, Merklyn, Osirax, Ryva, Shaorin, Tiluvar, Tonality, Winters,

  • Surreal & The Heretics: During February after the burning crusade, a handful of prominent members left Conviction. Surreal made the roster of both their own guild and Conviction to be unstable for a few weeks, and a handful members negotiated for some change and rejoined Conviction. Surreal continued until March, when internal conflict in Conviction reached its peak, which then caused more officers and class leaders to leave. Surreal began meeting with the new exiles and agreed to form The Heretics. Hopes were high for this guild, however the determination of the small group didn't carry into higher raid content. For this reason many of the members joined Apex that summer. Although few members from this guild are now active in Pantheon, they played a paramount role in the progression on the realm by sundering Conviction, who was at the time a top 100 guild, for several months.
  • Notable Ex-Members: Andomin, Destra, Jaxar, Kaj, Merklyn

Rankings as of May 27, 2008Edit

  • Pantheon Bloodline is ranked as #1 on Steamwheedle Cartel. (WoWJutsu)
  • Pantheon Bloodline is ranked as #32 in the Stormstrike Battlegroup. (WoWJutsu)
  • Pantheon Bloodline is ranked as #268 out of all US guilds. (WoWJutsu)
  • Pantheon Bloodline is ranked as #638 in the entire world. (WoWJutsu)

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