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Etymology and MeaningEdit

The Greek word Pandoxia has many meanings. The one that best fits is "Perfect Glory".

Guild ActivityEdit

Pandoxia engages in casual to serious progression raids. Raids are scheduled before hand and guild members are free to sign up for a certain run. More casual raider sign up for less raids, and serious members will engage in more progression raids. Pandoxians are free to partake guild activities at their own pace and time.

Tues - Sun 5:30p server - 8:30 server *Fridays & Saturdays are not normally progression raid nights* (raid invites will go out 30 minutes prior to raid start time) - From time to time we may add Sat & Sun raids at 12:30p server.

Pandoxia recognized the need for PvP and holds a number of PvPers as well as a PvP section for discussions on its Website.

Pandoxia welcomes alts into the guild as long as a main is chosen to participate in official guild activities.


Created in May 2009, Pandoxia was created by Loressia then Guild leadership has been moved to Thrane and Soriyana in the beginning of 2011.


There are a couple Youtube videos that were created by Pandoxia.

This was a raid for Onyxia 25 in WOW. The guild running this raid was Pandoxia on the Bladefist Server. (With whom I am no longer with!) I made this video for an english project which I got an A on!!!! - Minervva

This video was a failed attempt at 10-man Yogg-Saron due to a game crash. It was assumed to be caused by a corruption in the pre-Icecrown Citadle patch. Recorded from the POV of Archolon (Restoration Shaman). This was the progression raid team during winter of 2010 and most of these members are no longer active in the guild.