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What we stand forEdit

Pancakes and Thunder (PnT) was formed by a number of friends on a cold winter day, the day after Christmas(2006) by its founders, Nightborne, Taen and a handful of others that are no longer with the guild. It has been confirmed that the name “Pancakes and Thunder” comes from these two close friends eating microwave Pancakes and drinking Dr. Thunder (the Walmart Dr. Pepper knockoff). As it were, the guild has maintained the “family” environment ever since the beginning, and to this day continues to keep to this philosophy. Adhering to the ideas of its founders, Pancakes and Thunder has maintained this original “family” environment, and to this day continues to successfully operate through this philosophy.

The guild rapidly began to raid, and, merging their family atmosphere with their passion for raiding, Pancakes and Thunder continues to compete with the top “hardcore” raiding guilds on the Malygos server. They have always continued to strive toward the all- elusive fun on their raids, and, even with guild changes, they will continue this tradition for a long time. Because of the intense dedication of its members and leadership, Pancakes and Thunder has made leaps and bounds in its progression in both its raiding and the enduring friendships formed. All of the aforementioned are just a couple of reasons why so many people have flocked to Pancakes and Thunder to make it one of the larger, if not the largest, guilds on the Malygos Horde side.

The family can be joined by applying at

Where we hail fromEdit

Pancakes and Thunder is comprised of a host of different members from all sorts of guilds that were, and some that still are, on the Malygos server. Some of these fine guilds are Drums of War, Insomniacs, Good Times, League of the Soulless, Lords of Destruction, Paraxysm, SPQR, We Are Legion.

Founders & OfficersEdit

Many of the original charter signers have still maintained a home in PnT and are now looked-up upon by the vast number of members.

Guild Leader: Eelneb
Assistant Guild Leaders: Robertlplant/Shrrek, Grazzt
Officers: Belial
Raid Leaders: Wullybully, Emileanna
Co-Founder Nightborne officially stopped playing 06/09/09 (You will be missed our friend)

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • “We were all standing on a table in Moroes’s room getting ready to start the fight. All of a sudden a Valet comes hauling ass into the middle of the room...runs up onto the table...punches Sudaj in the face once and drops him...then runs back out the door!”
  • “Sudaj committed suicide by casting Shadow Word: Death on Prince right after his enfeeble.”
  • “Eliv's kool-aid spill on the keyboard ran his toon straight into a pull on Maiden.”
  • “Wiped on ZA eagle boss with 0.04% health remaining.”
  • “ Nightborne died and rez'd around 7 times in the same fight as lock tank for Leo and still didn't manage to kill him.”
  • “A boss would not die for the first time unless both Nightborne and Eliv were dead. It's true!”
  • “Easter Day of 2008... Taidaishar proposed to Landnere in Thrall’s room on bended knee. There were a few people there throwing firecrackers.”
  • “Most memorable event: Summer 08 PnT BBQ @ Taen’s...which included:
    • Sudaj singing on Rock band drunk at 5 a.m.
    • Missmu stating, "Don't puke in my crotch..."
    • Lefthorn stating, "Fluh Fluh..." and "Shu up dogs..." in-between puking.
    • Malacore waking up from sleeping by the fire just to walk right through the pile of Lefthorn puke...
    • Maehara dancing the belf dance.
    • Morvent lighting fireworks on top of NB...(well practically.)
    • Taid drinking...and drinking...and drinking (over 2 5th's) from the time he arrived until 2 p.m. or so the following day. He never once stopped, slept, and barely ever sat down. Had epic conversations with Missmu and Maehara for hours at a stretch...rofl <3
    • - Landnere had to drive Taid’s drunken ass off the following day...
    • - Sudaj randomly showed up during the party and no one knew who the hell he was until he spoke...
    • During Sapphiron Kaoth decides to run, even though he was already behind one, from one ice block to the other one and died to the blast. Appherently he thought there were too many people at one ice block ... this made us LOL!
    • ...and lots, lots more...haha don't miss the next one!”

Bosses and InstancesEdit

  • Karazhan – Completed
  • Gruul’s Lair – Completed
  • Magtheridon’s Lair – Completed
  • SerpeantShrine Cavern – Completed
    • Hydross, Lurker, Leotheras, Morogrim, Karathress 9/14/2008 , Lady Vashj 10/25/2008 (Post Patch 3.0.2)
  • The Eye – Completed
    • Al’ar, Void Reaver 04/13/2008, Solarian, Kael’thaas 10/27/2008 (Post Patch 3.0.2)
  • The Battle For Mount Hyjal
    • Rage Winterchill, Antheron, Kaz’rogal (Post Patch 3.0.2), Azgalor (Post Patch 3.0.2)
  • Black Temple (All Post Patch 3.0.2)
    • High Warlord Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz

Post Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

  • Vault of Archavon(10): Archavon The Stone Watcher 12/02/2008
  • Obsidian Sanctum(10): Sartharion 12/03/2008
  • Naxxramas(10): Completed 1/03/09
  • Malygos(10): Completed 2/07/09
  • Heroic Naxxramas(25): Completed 1/31/09
  • Heroic Vault of Archavon(25): Archavon The Stone Watcher 12/20/2008
  • Heroic Obsidian Sanctum(25): One shot with no Drakes up 12/20/2008, Tenebron still alive (1d) 2/03/09.
  • Heroic Malygos(25): Completed 2/20/09.


The guild continues to raid successfully and will continue to do so in the future expansion(s). At this time they are constantly on the lookout for talented adults that enjoy playing with good friends.


* All times are in Server Time (CST).
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – 7:30 p.m., Some Sundays 9pm invites go out.


As of 5/1/2009 have opened applications up for particular classes that can be found on the homepage. Of course if someone is recommended and pwn's they are more than welcome as well.


We are currently full for hunters and for rogues. The above comment is correct, consideration will be taken no matter what.


First 25 man Kel'thuzad Kill 1/26/09

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