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This article is a guild information page for PUG Allstars of Nathrezim US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

PUG-Allstars (“PUG”) is a semi-casual, west-coast guild (with a healthy percentage of EST and CST players). The bulk of us are late 20s early 30s, and have professional careers. We have a mix of players, in that some have been playing since 2004, some are new since TBC & WotLK. Welcome!

Overview Edit

PUG-Allstars is TEH AWESOME.

Guild Progress Edit

The Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King

Guild History Edit

Behold, the greatest story ever told!

"On some random night some time ago, Synfal found himself standing next to the guild dude in Org. After his third tequila shot with a Sapporo back, the name PUG Allstars formed in his brain like a kiss from Calliope herself! With the rhythmic hum of sweet, soft techno in the background, he did not know then that it was to be the best ten gold he ever spent..."


Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday, Off
  • Tuesday, 8:00PM-11:00PM Server - 25 man content
  • Wednesday, Off
  • Thursday, 8:00PM-11:00PM Server - 25 man content
  • Friday, Off
  • Saturday, Off
  • Sunday - 7:00-11:00PM Server - 25 man content

Guild Rules Edit

PUG ALLSTARS Rules and Regulations

By Desaix (cribbed from numerous sources)

Welcome. These are the Rules – please read them and ask questions if you don’t understand them.


We place high value on respect in PUG, which means treating your fellow players with respect, whether in game or on any public forums. If you can't be polite, don't speak. Remember that your actions reflect upon the entire guild, and any misconduct or disrespect of fellow players will not be tolerated. To that end, I have put together the following basic guidelines of conduct:

1) There is no room in PUG for offensive language or actions taken on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or national origin. This includes using slurs based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual identity. Please think before you use any term that might be included in that description.
2) Harassment of fellow players, whether in guild or not. It is up to you to be the bigger person and remember this is just a game. If another person is harassing you, use the appropriate channels (ignore them, report them to an officer, report them to a GM).
3) Unethical playing. Those caught using exploits, hacking, ninja-ing, intentionally wiping a group or otherwise playing unethically will be removed. (Note: unethical playing includes botting -- don't do that.)
4) Spamming/Trolling. Whether in general chat, guild chat, yells, ventrilo, guild forums, or the official forums, spamming (other than for recruiting purposes) is annoying and is meant to disrupt the normal flow of conversation. Don't do it. The same goes for trolling in any public forum — please do not do this. You represent all of us, remember that.

PUG is principally a raiding guild, and thus has several ranks of membership, mostly for organizational purposes. It is not our goal to exclude or limit the contribution of anybody, so if you have something to add, please speak up. The same goes for asking questions — if you don’t know why something happened, (e.g., with loot or how to handle a certain encounter), just ask. These are the current categories:

GM: Melusyne
Officers: Founding members or long standing leaders in the guild. Perform guild bank duties and raid leading.
Leadership: Raid and class leaders are in this group.
Members: This category is for raiding members.
Trial Members: We promise review of all new members inside of a month, after you have been able to join us for a raid or two.
Friends/PVP: Reserved for friends and family that are non-raiders but still like to get in some arena/BG work with us.
Alt Membership: As of now, Members and Officers may bring their Alts into the guild. Alts of Trial Members will not be admitted.
  • Membership Benefits
    • Abyss crystals are free of charge to all raiders for PvE enchants. Main spec/character only. (Subject to availability.)
    • Guild funded fish feasts for all raid nights.
    • Free flasks for progression nights.
    • Free belt buckles for PvE raiding members, applicable to Ulduar PvE gear. (Subject to availability.)
    • (NEW!) - Blue quality gems are now available FREE for all PvE BiS raiding gear. (Subject to availability.)

PUG is a casual raiding guild. As such, there is no raid attendance requirement. However, if you desire to raid, you must sign up in the online forums for the raid day you wish to participate in. Signing up will generally guarantee your inclusion in the raid, although that will not always be the case. If you are signed up, please be online 30 minutes before the raid and ready to go in the raid location at the appointed raid start time.

Raid leaders will be assigned on a weekly basis from the officers and members. Final decision for raid groups is always the assigned raid leader’s responsibility. Raid Leaders will take the following into consideration:

1) What classes are needed to complete the raid and further guild progression. Progression can mean gearing up undergeared players as well as downing new bosses.
2) Who is signed up for the list
3) Who is online and ready when the raid is formed
4) Who has been asked to sit out before; and
5) Who has a limited raid schedule

If you are not chosen to be in one of the raids for that day, but are online and ready to raid, you will be placed in the “reserve.” Should someone have to depart early, or if real life calls, you will be the first person chosen to substitute. If you are in reserve, you will also be placed in the loot order for the day, as discussed below.

No-Shows: If you have signed up for a raid but for some reason cannot be there when the time comes--and PUG understands that this happens (I, in fact, am the largest culprit here)--please let your raid leader know as soon as possible. Making a short post in the raid forum is usually the best way of doing so if you are away from your WOW computer.

We will understand if something comes up and you can't make it, but unexplained absences can hold up the whole raid group if no accommodation has been made to fill your spot. Repeated absences without sufficient explanation may result in you being asked to leave the guild or you being removed from the guild.


Progression Content: For progression content (currently T8.5 - Ulduar Hard modes & ToC), PUG uses a system known as EPGP to hand out loot (aka purplz, leet epics, etc.). This applies to all boss loot and drops in 25-man raids. (Yes, this includes off-spec and PVP gear). A thorough description of the system is available in the Raid forum of the guild website.

EPGP Overview

EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each raider put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; priority (PR) is equal to EP/GP. Similar to SK, the person with the highest loot priority wins loot. A sample list looks like this:

For those with some familiarity with the system, these are the parameters we will be using: Weekly decay: 20% Minimum EP to win contested bid: 25000 Base GP: 300

For those who haven't seen this before, here is a primer.

Effort Points (EP)

Effort points are awarded for contributing to a guild raid – generally that means showing up and raiding, but can also mean being in reserve, etc. Everybody (trials included) earns EP over time, but that EP amount will be reduced every week by a 20% decay. For PUG, EP will be awarded for the following

  • Each 30 minutes of being in raid or on reserve during an official raid night (1000 EP/30 min)
  • Signing up in the raid forums and being online , in raid, and in zone 5 minutes prior to the official raid start. (200 EP)
  • First boss downings on both normal and heroic modes (2000 EP each)
  • Substantial contributions to the guild (crafting, farming, etc.) (discretionary)

Conversely, the following EP penalties will apply:

  • Signing up and not showing up without notifying an officer or posting on forums (-200 EP)
  • Being afk when called from reserve into a raid (-200 EP AND no EP for that raid)
  • Being afk in raid without notice and being replaced (-200 EP AND no EP for that raid)

Gear Points (GP)

Gear Points are awarded for each item you receive based on its quality and level. You do not save up points to spend on gear; you actually accrue gear points. Your GP number will continuously go up as you accrue gear, but will be reduced over time by the 20% decay. Everybody in the guild will start off in EPGP with the same GP of 300.

Each item you loot has a set GP through the add-on. If you want, you can read about the methodology of calculating GP here: [1] . READ THIS NOTE: Offspec items are going to be awarded at 10% of the stated GP.

Special Value Items:

  • Trophies of the Crusade: 100 GP
  • Crusader Orbs: 1/x of the value of the item to be crafted, where x is the number of orbs you need. If you bid on a crusader orb, you have the right to take all subsequent orbs until you have enough to craft your item. YOU MUST LINK THE ITEM YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE CRAFTED IN RAID TO RECEIVE ORBS.

Loot Priority Rating (PR)

PR is determined by dividing EP by GP. PR = EP/GP. This is the number that will determine who gets an item for loot when multiple people are interested in an item.

To qualify for PR loot bidding (i.e. to win a contested item), a player in a PUG raid will have to meet a minimum EP requirement of 25000 EP.

How Loot Will Happen in A PUG Raid

EGPG runs through a widely available add-on that has a large community of developers behind it. The main add-on can be found here[2]. It is not necessary that you have the main EPGP add-on unless you are potentially going to lead a 25-man raid.

However, there is an additional widely supported add-on called EPGP Lootmaster that we will also be using. This add-on allows raid members to use the in-game rolling window that comes up with all loot, which looks like this:

EPGP Lootmaster Client

The add-on communicates these rolls to the loot master, who can see the item you are upgrading form, and then assigns the loot based on PR (this can also happen automatically). This is fast and efficient (no more spamming the Loot Master with tells or waiting for people to pick up loot). READ THIS NOTE: EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO RUN THIS ADD-ON TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR LOOT: EPGP Loot Master. IF YOU DO NOT INSTALL THIS ADD-ON, YOU GET NO LOOT.


The introduction of in-game guild banks has required a lot more rules, which you can find on our forums, in our own guild bank sticky.


One last thing: make jokes and have a good time. WOW is a game — remember that when you want to yell at someone for pulling aggro, missing their tank assignment, etc. Humor will help you more in a group of 20-30 people — I promise I will laugh at least.


  • Because of our limited raid schedule, we are pretty serious about being on time, raid prepared, etc. We are currently focused on T9.5 content. Please be geared and PvE spec'd appropriately. If you are interested, please app at our official guild site*

Officers Edit

Melusyne, GM & Offical Lore Master 
Desaix, Officer 
Lillholmen, Officer 
Lightmare, Officer 
Deadish, Officer 
Morphen, Leadership 
Ullisi, Leadership 
Wertt, Leadership 
Seaborg, Leadership 

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