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Overlords Of Kalimdor is a casual PvP/PvE guild that takes pride in being family-oriented yet laid back.

Overview Edit

Overlords Of Kalimdor was formed November 12, 2005, slightly after the realm had opened. To join, refer to our Officers section or ask one of our guild members.

Guild Progress Edit

Just getting started on raid progression. We're currently recruiting for our first Karazhan run and are looking for healers.

History Edit

Coming soon.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Currently we try to host guild raids on thursdays and sunday nights. since our sister guild Validus started within the last few days, we've been raiding almost every night. From Tier 4 raids clear up to Hyjal and Black Temple. Come and join the fun.

Guild Rules Edit

  • No ninja looting.
  • No begging for money. It's very rude and most guildies will just offer if you need something.
  • Do not continuously ask for instance runs. You can check for in-guild runs, if none, then don't beg.
  • In-chat language will not become abusive or offensive to others.
  • If in-guild problems occur, then talk to a Council Member. Problems will be dealt with accordingly.

Officers Edit

  • Mushagie
High Council
  • Kinashi / Kariani
  • Thoroar
  • Dansing
  • Cronuses
  • Daegoth
  • Dreadbull
  • Hakkai
  • Haroldvanyel / Shannara
  • Mandinguero
  • Muma - Addon techie, all-around nice guy (unless provoked).
  • Naginata - Man of Many Alts
  • Psylentkilla
  • Shaiwolf / Lizabethra

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