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Outland Shadows is a family oriented pve focused guild. Although OS maintain somewhat of a family atmosphere, raiding is taken very seriously.


This guild was formed on Arathor. It is dedicated towards end game instances,with a focus on raiding only 3 days a week and requiring 60% attendance. Recruitment is based upon experience and gear. The core 8 players started clearing Karazhan for weeks by themselves until they gathered a regular crew to clear it. OS has refused to merger with at least two different merger offers from bigger guilds in order to get to KNOW the people who joined and not just assimilate. Outland Shadows has grown slowly and surely to become one of the top 5 horde guilds on the server, that's quite an accomplishment with only 3 days a week dedicated to raiding. To fill out an application goto . For more information you can contact: Titan - Guild Leader, officers: Garolf, Meraliz, Skabb, Jackoneill and Qano

Guild ProgressEdit

  • Karazhan/Zul'Aman - No longer on raid schedule
  • Gruul/Magtheridon - Cleared
  • Serpentshine Cavern - Cleared
  • Tempest Keep - Cleared up to Kael'Thas
  • Mount Hyjal - Current progress
  • Black Temple - Current progress

We're moving into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple as of patch 2.4.


This guild was originally formed by a group of friends. After growing, slowly, continued to raid Karazhan and began gruul. While we sometimes had less than enough members to raid we still did not merge as our focus was growing the guild we love. Our recruitment, because it has been so slow, has gathered an incredible crew who continues to wipe the floor with outland bosses.

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

  • Tuesday, 19:00-23:00
  • Thursday, 19:00-23:00
  • Sunday, 19:00-23:00

Guild RulesEdit


  • Guild Leader - Titan
  • Tank officers - Titan, Garolf
  • Melee dps officers - Qano
  • Healer officers - Jackoneill
  • Caster dps officers - Meraliz

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