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General Information Edit

Founding Edit

Guild started as a joke. A group of us played most nights and found we were unhappy in our guilds or wanted somewhere to put alts. During a PuG UBRS run myself, Kortanis, Jadefire, and Chimera we found ourselves running into pulls and getting the puggies killed as we four manned the instance without the tank. We began yelling and say spamming "Must Pull... FASTER!". This evolved during the next few minutes on Vent as we joked to "Full Faster I am Out Of Mobs!". Thus was the beginning of the great clusterf&*k that has been <Out of Mobs>.My then main Speedious whipped up the guild charter as a joke. We all signed up with a few alts of other players. At this time most of us were raiding with the now defunct BFE raid group, so guild affiliation was not important. With the bitter reality that was Naxx at 60 and the release of patch 2.0 we focused towards leveling and the first expansion. Finding that most of us were towards the top tier of players on the realm at the time we decided to recruit and build the guild to raid. Up until that point the guild was a joke. Seems the joke was on the realm and WoW rather than on us. I would like to give thanks to the leadership of <Drow>, <Singularity>, and <Applesauce Gang> for the help they extended to the guild as we struggled to get off the ground in the early days of the guild.

This is from a OOM's post about their 5 Year Anniversary(as of 6-14-2011).

Progression Edit

Mists of Pandaria

6/6 (25) 6/6 (10) Mogushan Vaults(N)

3/6 (25) 2/6 (10) Mogushan Vaults(H)

6/6 (25) 3/6 (10) Heart of Fear(N)

0/6 (25) 0/6 (10) Heart of Fear(H)

4/4 (25) 1/4 (10) Terrace Of Endless Spring(N)

0/4 (25) 0/4 (10) Terrace Of Endless Spring(H)


8/8 (25) 8/8 (10) Dragon Soul(H)

8/8 (25) 8/8 (10) Dragon Soul(N)

3/7 (25) 6/7 (10) Firelands(H)

7/7 (25) 7/7 (10) Firelands(N)

0/6 (25) 0/6 (10) Blackwing Descent(H)

6/6 (25) 6/6 (10) Blackwing Descent(N)

0/5 (25) 1/5 (10) Bastion of Twilight(H)

5/5 (25) 5/5 (10) Bastion of Twilight(N)

0/2 (25) 0/2 (10) Conclave of Winds(H)

1/2 (25) 2/2 (10) Conclave of Winds(N)

Wrath of the Lich King

11/12 (25) 11/12 (10) Icecrown Citadel(H)

12/12 (25) 12/12 (10) Icecrown Citadel(N)

1/5 (25) 5/5 (10) Crusaders Coliseum(H)

5/5 (25) 5/5 (10) Crusaders Coliseum(N)

2/14 (25) 10/14 (10) Ulduar(H)

13/14 (25) 13/14 (10) Ulduar(N)

0/1 (25) 0/1 (10) Ruby Sanctum(H)

1/1 (25) 1/1 (10) Ruby Sanctum(N)

1/1 Obsidian Sanctum(h)

1/1 Obsidian Sanctum(N)

1/1 Eye of Eternity(H)

1/1 Eye of Eternity(N)

15/15 Naxxramas(H)

15/15 Naxxramas(N)

The Burning Crusade

1/6-Sunwell Plateau

7/9-Black Temple

4/5-Mount Hyjal

4/4-The Eye

6/6-Serpentshrine Cavern


2/2-Gruul’s Lair



Raid Times Edit

The current raid schedule is:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm server (Mountain time)

Players should expect to often be on later than official raid end to reach an acceptable stopping point.

Recruitment Edit

If you are interested in joining <Out of Mobs>, please visit

You can also contact any guild member in-game or specifically: Logiibob, Perucho, Xiil, Firelass, or Destrawd if you have any questions.

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