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Overview Edit

[IC]In the aftermath of the War of the Shadows, a civil war between the Horde that spread out to the Alliance, one of it's greatest heroes died in mysterious circustances. Some say he took on the corruption that cursed the Shrine of Aessina and went north to find death and end the curse forever. What he found instead was Arthas enlisting him into his new Legion of Death Knights, taking the best of him and leaving the curse inside. When he found release from the Lich King, he went about perverting the religion of Aessina and worsiping the very Shadow he sought to contain. Rallying and corrupting his old friends and heroes in his Old Guild The Orphans Of Aessina, he reforged the guild of old in a corrupted fire and renamed them the Orphans of Shadow.

[OOC]The Orphans are one of the longest running RP groups on Earthen Ring EU. It has carried on the legacy of the War of Shadows for 4 years and continues to provide events for the server and individual players and guilds alike

Aims Edit

The Orphans are largely a religious guild with dark and corrupted worships likened to Decay, corruption and darkness, as opposed the Life, redemption and the Light. They guide the dark guilds through all aspects of Shadow Worship and have a particular affinity with the Forsaken. They fight the Lich King for their own ends, but seek not to replace him, thus allowing the scourge to ravage Azeroth for eternity. This madness is the logical result, they say, of the Lights current sway over Azeroth belief structures

Structure Edit

The Orphans continue to function under a corrupted form of Elven Sentinel command structure. Ashenfar is seen as the Herald and Champion of the Shadows, who's word is the Law of Shadow. They also claim to contain in their cursed structure of Zeramas the corrupted half of Aessina who they venerate as a Goddess as opposed to a simple deity.

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