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Overview Edit

Server: Twisting Nether US

Faction: Horde

Focus: PvE




Armory: Blizzard's Armory for Ordo Letalis

This guild was formed on Twisting Nether. It is dedicated towards PVE progression, and we only recruit mature dedicated people for raiders. If you're are interested in applying please click the "Joining" link above. For more information about Ordo Letalis you can follow this link to Ordo Letalis's Official Website or contact any of the Council Members listed below.

Council Edit

Ordo Letalis is managed by a Council. If you need to contact a council member there names are listed below.

  • Alexandressa
  • Sparktoria
  • Nargfish
  • Aeshara
  • Targil

Guild Progression Edit

Tier 7 (not on raid schedule)

Tier 8

  • Ulduar - 10 man clear to General. Several Hard modes completed. 25 man cleared to General.
  • Vault of Archavon - 25 man done weekly as a guild event.

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