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Server:Feathermoon US

The Order of the White Tower



In the age just past, before the fall of Lordaeron, there stood in that great city a tower of white, polished stone. It was not the tallest tower, nor the fairest, but in its libraries and gardens scholars and mystics gathered to preserve and share their knowledge with each new generation of talented students from across the Alliance.

The school was run by a council of Masters and a Master Warder who was responsible for the security of the ancient texts and the scholars who studied them. Of the students, some chose to stay with the tower after completing their studies. These became Mystics of the Order who dedicated their lives to diplomacy, preserving knowledge and defending the realm.

The most famous Master Warder, Reagon Bloodbeard, began the tradition of assigning a guardian, called a Blackward, to each Mystic of the Order to protect and counsel the scholars on their journeys. He opened a training ground where warriors, rogues, paladins and hunters could practice their skills and find purpose in service to the Light and the Tower. Today, this pairing of a Mystic and a Blackward is our most cherished tradition and is the basic social unit of the Order.

During the Scourge invasion, many of the Masters and members of the Order perished in trying to save the White Tower with its old libraries and monuments to fallen heroes. The few Masters who remained fled to Stormwind with what books and scrolls they could save. There they have worked in secret to rebuild the Order and one day, to reclaim and rebuild the White Tower itself. After recruiting and testing several young candidates, the Masters chose Zelanah Greenriver to be their Emissary, a public figurehead with the charm and faith to seek out new Mystics and Blackwards. Her first act was to invite druids into the Order, creating the Green Coven.

Always open to new paths of knowledge and understanding, the Masters ordered Zelanah to seek warlocks as well, so that their strange powers might be analyzed and brought to bear against the agents of the Burning Legion.

Today, the Order is thriving, but far from its goal of reclaiming their ancient home. Zelanah has turned over reins of leadership to Father Paltos, a kind and caring priest.

Contacts & Roleplay LeadersEdit

  • Duerma bnet - (guild leader), warlock
  • Kaetta - Blue Wisdom (mage lead)
  • Bellesta - Green Wisdom (druid lead)
  • Razain - Red Wisdom (warlock lead)
  • Fleureille - White Wisdom (priest lead)
  • Hanstall - Black Knight (leader of the Blackwards)
  • Tziva - Captain of the Greensward (new warriors, rogues, hunters and paladins)
  • There is no current leader of the Crystal Coven (shamans); applicants are encouraged to contact Duerma instead.

To apply, please write a letter, in character, to the appropriate officer. You will be required to meet and adventure with members before acceptance as an Aspirant (see below).

Guild CharterEdit

1. All members should be familiar with the history of the Order and their own character background, and be able to discuss it in character with others.

2. All members should roleplay whenever possible. Please use (()) or tags of some sort when speaking ooc in guild chat. There is an ooc channel when you need a break.

3. Members should share with each other whenever possible. This does not mean you must give away all your crafts, but be generous and reasonable with others.

4. Officers will should set an example for the rest of the Order by roleplaying, leading guild storylines, and displaying a helpful attitude.

The Structure of the Order

Covens and ColorsEdit

The Tower is divided up into covens. Each coven governs a different style of magic and works towards the goals of the tower in their own way.

Blue Coven Edit

Blue coven

The Blue Coven is made up of the mages in the Tower. They strive to further their knowledge of the arcane and learn ways of avoiding the addiction that proved to be the downfall of the High Elves. Like all members of the White Tower, the Blue Coven strives to see the Tower rebuilt. It is the oldest Coven.

Green Coven Edit

Green coven

The Green Coven is home to the Tower's druids. Of the Covens in the Tower, the green coven is the newest of them. Due to the druids unique abilities, they can take the path of mystic or warder. Those who choose to become warders are of the Green Coven and the blackwards. For advancement purposes, they are considered Blackwards. Druids who choose to become Mystics are only members of the Green Coven and advance within the coven.

White Coven Edit

White Coven

The members of the White Coven are the Tower's priests. They strive to protect the other members of the tower from harm in battle and use the powers of the light to help rebuild the Tower.

Red Coven Edit

Red coven

The Red Coven are the warlocks of the Tower. They seek to use the demonic powers for the benfit of the Tower and the Alliance and dispel the fears others have about the class. Currently, the Red Coven is heading up the Tower's research efforts regarding the Dark Portal.

Blackwards Edit


The Blackwards are the protectors of the tower. It is their job to insure that the mystics are safe from harm. Some Blackwards take on the responsibility of guarding and counseling one mystic, to which they are bonded. The Blackwards consist of warriors, paladins, rogues, hunters and a few druids who leave the Green Coven.


Emissary - The chief diplomat, and master of ceremonies for the Order.

The Black Knight - The Military and Roleplay leader of our Blackwards also has the power to demote or boot members of lower rank who are causing trouble.

Wisdoms - Coven leaders and veterans who are all equal in rank. Wisdoms serve as assistant GMs for guild roleplay, provide missions to their covens and cannot be booted by the Black Knight.

Captains - Leaders of the Blackward divisions and other veterans. They are members of the Council, along with the officers above. Captains serve as assistant GMs for guild roleplay and provide quests to their group members.

Adepts - Are the teachers of the Order. Respected Mystics who have proven their dedication to the Order.

Knights - The armed might of the Tower, these soldiers have proven their dedication to their duty and the honor of the Order.

Acolytes - Students who have sworn their oath to the Tower and work under the tutelage of an Adept or Wisdom

Squires - New soldiers to the guild who have sworn an oath and work toward knighthood under the training of a Knight or Captain.

Aspirant - Beginning rank for people to see if the guild is a good fit. Must be at least 10th level and should demonstrate a willingness to read about and understand what the guild is about. Requires a letter to the appropriate officer and a strong recommendation from a current member who has adventured with the applicant.

Resources Edit