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General Guild InformationEdit

Alliance 32Order of the White Lion

Name: Order of the White Lion
Server: Durotan (US PvE)
Faction: Alliance
Type: Casual/Family
Levels: 1-80
Guild Leader: Arienys
Webmistress: Ainyan/Zyriene
Website: [1]
Armory: [2]

Overview Edit

Order of the White Lion was formed on November 26th, 2004, making it one of the oldest guilds on Durotan. Much of the core membership remains. OWL is a casual guild and has members ranging from level 1 to level 80. Our members work together to quest, run instances, and even raid Ulduar on the weekends.

Mission Statement: The Order of the White Lion is dedicated to fostering a friendly and social in-game environment to enhance our enjoyment of World of Warcraft. Although we do encourage and facilitate both of those activities to the best of our abilities, we are neither a dedicated leveling guild nor a hardcore raiding guild (although we do take our raiding seriously!). Our first priority is and always will be having a good time with friends.

Guild Progress Edit

Farm Status: Naxx 10, Onyxia 10

Progression: Ulduar 10 (11 of 14)

History Edit

The core members came from the ShirtNinjas Linkshell on FFXI (Phoenix server). The original guild leader, Palidius, founded the guild on November 26th, 2004. Hogrimm took over leadership some three months later and has continued to lead the guild until recent months. While always a casual guild, the Order of the White Lion does support raiding. At one point, the guild was a member of the Azeroth League of Adventurers (ALA) before the expansion. After the expansion, the guild began raiding Karazhan once enough 70s had expressed interest. As with most smaller guilds, OWL's size and activity level waxes and wanes, but the devotion of its core members keeps it alive and active in WotLK, including a continuation of casual raiding.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Friday, 10:00 PM Server - [Onyxia/VoA/Ulduar 10]
  • Saturday, 7:30 PM Server - [Ulduar 10]
  • Any day, Any time - Questing/Instancing/PvP

Guild Rules Edit

Officers Edit

Arienys, Guildmaster
Alixander, Knight Captain
Haral, Knight Captain
Horgrimm, Knight Captain (Former Guildmaster)
Mhairwen, Knight Captain
Omitchi, Knight Captain
Sylaurin, Knight Captain
Zyriene, Knight Captain

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