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Order of the KeepersEdit

This is the background of the Guild, if you already know about this or just plainly don't care more about it than about a half pair of boots by the road: Skip it.

This order has been created for multiple reasons, the most basic reason is to keep everything documented, that happens on Azeroth. As the creator of the guild and current Guild Master, Ictiv Steam-Spanner said:

"Just look around. War. Its not official, we're not at war with the Horde, we can walk by them peacefully in Booty Bay for example. But there are constant battles going on. Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gluch... The Alliance leadership don't say we're at war but we are! You can't even get close to Horde settlements without getting fired at by their guards, and this is true vice versa. So long it holds that the traders has to fight their way trough the wild in the Barrens, and the Eternals help the Horde's hunter's who get too close to Astranaar. 'Why are we fighting?' I asked but there was only silence. 'For food? For land?' No replies... Truth is the only reason we keep on fighting is the hatred. The past three war's memory echoes trough the lands and family's who has been torn apart by these conflicts will never forget what the enemy did... I believe though that peace isn't unreachable, but it will take time. We have to make the people realize that there are greater causes than revenge. That where ever we came from, can not explain our soul... The only enemy I seen in my travels were demons. Demons! But instead of Alliance and Horde joining up to swipe their filth from the face of Azeroth, we fight each other? No..."

This speech was way longer than this how ever the scribe who agreed to write it down, had no idea that it will be as long as this so he didn't pack enough ink. By the time he came back with ink, he was only able to write down this much before Ictiv stopped talking: "... and this is how we will do it. For Azeroth!"

What is unable to be read thanks to the laziness of the scribe, along many things explains how "giving the gift of giving" can help to achieve peace.

As you see, the Guild is basically a group of people who are trying to put down the first bricks on which a bastion on peace can be placed, however this does not mean that fighting is banned. Thanks to the great amount of priests and other healers, on both sides of battlefield, none of the killed enemy soldiers' family will have to loose a loved one. The only thing the Order demands from its members regarding to fights is to try and honor their enemy and leave them in one piece so their healers may restore them. Who knows? Maybe if they feel death a few times they will consider retreating to a more peaceful way of life... (And maybe black is white.)


Following are the ranks and the requirements of reaching one or another. Even after passing (or in special cases: before passing)the ground requirements, members has to bee seen to be ready by the officers or the Guild Master to advance.

Punishment RanksEdit

Ranks earned by disobeying.
  • Associate: Those who fail to follow the rules, will loose all their abilities within the guild.
They are banned from the bank, they cannot withdraw, nor deposit. They cannot use any abilities they were able to before. (Editing logs, member notes, etc.) In this state, if they brake any major rule, they are out of the guild, however if they do not perform any harsh/rule breaking act for at least one week: they will be restored as active members. (To his/her original rank or a lower one? That's up to the officers.) I should point out that any positive/helpful act during this time can very well lead to a sooner restoration. (One officer can't decide if someone's ready to be a full member again, by him-/herself. He/she has to consult the other officers. This rule is to prevent pity or friendship based judgment.)
Not level based.


Ranks earned upon knowledge and strength.
  • Apprentice: Apprentices are those who are new and experience less. They are new to the guild and maybe even to Azeroth. Informational help should never be denied from them.
They have minimal banking abilities.
Not level based.
  • Keeper: Those who prove that they can defend themselves. Adventurers in the beginning of their path.
They have minor banking abilities. Can also interfere with the public notes of various members.
Levels: 20-49
  • Advanced Keeper: Those Keepers who seen both light and dark sides of Azeroth. Those who wish to become one will need to do lots of traveling, seeing and learning.
They have advanced banking abilities. Can also interfere with the public notes of various members.
Levels: 50-69
  • Guardian: Those who's knowledge by passes the means of "normal" and can also fight the enemy, be it the enemy of Azeroth or the enemy his/her people. They are of the most experienced adventurers of Azeroth.
They have major banking abilities. Can also interfere with the public notes of various members.
Levels: 70-80

Special Member ranksEdit

  • Temporary ranks
Ranks you earn for a given amount of time for special deeds.
  • Keeper of Lore: Winners of the "Make your own story." games. (if there's 10 or more participant in the game the first two will get the rank, not just the first.
These lucky members who won the MYOS, have the same abilities as Guardians, but in addition they can also use the private officer channel, to chat with all the officers at once without any unwanted attention. Also possess the ability to change the Message of the Day.
Not level based.
  • Chosen ranks
Ranks that members choose them selves. These mostly mean more duty.
  • Champion: "Champion" as "Champion of Helpfulness"... These are the people who have chosen to help other, less experienced members. Let it be informational help, defending in a dangerous area or getting that last rare ingredient. Last one is optional, if the Champion does not wish or can't in that matter, he/she just asks an Officer trough the officer chat to write in "Not Gatherer" to his/her Officer note which is view able by all. Also: if he/she wishes to only include a few things he/she's willing to help with (Example: he/she is a herbalist)he/she can ask an Officer to put "Herb"/"Metal"/"Skin"/"Fish"/etc. into his/her officer note.
They have slightly bigger access to the professional goods inside the bank than Guardians, so they can take out more items in case the "rare ingredient" is in there just the person who needs it accidentally took out an item right next to it. Champions also have the ability to change the Message of the Day.
60 or above. (Mostly)


The Guild Master and his/her most trusted friends.
  • Master Keeper: Keepers who have gained the thrust of the Guild Master. Officers of the Guild and highest ranked members, not counting the Guild Master.
Ultimate access to everything.
Not level based.
  • Key Master: The official Guild Master.
Ultimate access to everything, only thing which he can do, but the Master Keepers don't is to do judgment over Master Keepers.

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