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OOC Guild InformationEdit

  • Server: Sentinels US
  • Faction: Alliance 15 Alliance of Lordaeron, Stormwind City, Independent
  • Focus: Roleplaying, Leveling
  • Website: No Current Website
  • Application and Information: Speak with Inner Council or Higher In Game
  • Requirements: Must be Level 10 or Higher, Understand Lore and Roleplaying, Maturity, Roleplay
  • Ventrilo: No
  • Guild Chat is Considered RP at all times. ((The parenthesis, or bracket, rule is used for OOC communication in Guild Chat))
  • In-Game OOC Guild Channel is /join OrderIronBladeOOC
  • Ranks: (From Highest to Lowest): ((GuildMaster)), Hall of Honor, Inner Council, Commander*, Archmagi*, Captain**, Magi **, Footman***, Apprentice***, Initiate
    *Equal in Rank
    **Equal in Rank
    ***Equal in Rank


  • Current ((OOC)) Guild Master: Multack Zaarock
  • Current Inner Council: Shalaari Trenity (Darnassus), Tarkanis Le'hredan (Exodar), Jarlgrim ??? (Ironforge), Multack Zaarock (Stormwind), Gethran Nazheros (Greymane City), *No Current Gnomeregan Inner Council*
  • Old Shermt/Khaz'dums: Thorar, Willilam, Amather, Argetim, Tarkanis, Murati
  • Current Goals: Keeping demons in Outland at bay, destroying the Lich King and the Scourge, growing in number, rebuilding after past wars and chaos, establishing lasting relations between the Alliance and the Horde
  • Wars Taken Part In: The Third War, the Burning Crusade, the Second Scourge War, the War of the Iron Blade, the Third Scourge War ((3-month long guild event))
  • Enemies: The Scourge, all demons, the Lich King, Fargus/Typhora, Ulfrick Flamewynd, the 'New Menace', Smolderskull Cartel
  • Headquarters Throughout Azeroth: Gun'drak, Darkshire, Auberdine, Dalaran, Shattrath

Notable MembersEdit

??? - Unknown Surname


Chapter One - The Founding of the OrderEdit

Nearly ten years ago, during the Third War, as the Plague of Undeath was spreading across southern Lordaeron and into the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, the humans of surviving Stormwind and the dwarves of threatened Ironforge struck a deal and formed the Order of the Iron Blade. Led by Thorar the First, knight of Stormwind, they pushed the Plague out of Hillsbrad, Alterac, Arathi, and the Hinterlands. The Order was disbanded shortly after the Plague was confined to the fallen kingdom of Lordaeron and Thorar the First died. However, after the Dark Portal was reopened and demons became a dire threat to Azeroth, the Order was awakened from its dormant rest and reestablished by Thorar the Second. The night elves of Darnassus, the gnomes of Gnomeregan, and the recently recruited draenei of the Exodar also were permitted to join the Order. The Burning Crusade against the Legion had began, and the Order of the Iron Blade had reawakened, led by Thorar the Second.

Chapter Two - The Aftermath of the Burning CrusadeEdit

After the war in Outland had subsided, there had been peace in Azeroth for a time. Though the Hellfire orcs had all but given up, and the demons assaulting the Stair of Destiny had not fallen back, the Order had mainly fallen back through the Portal to Azeroth. With the looming threat of the Plaguelands, time could not be wasted. However, a select group of members were chosen to guard over the Dark Portal and destroy Hellfire Citadel. Tarkanis led this expedition of the Order, and months later the majority of Hellfire orcs had fallen, and their master surrendered to Honor Hold... for the time being. Long before then, however, new goods coming from Booty Bay had arrived in the cities throughout Azeroth. The Plague of Undeath was spread through these crates, and the entire world was thrown into chaos. After a cure was found by Grand Apothecary Putress, and it was distributed amongst the infected, and order was restored, Tarkanis and the entire Order moved its attention from the Plaguelands to Northrend, the stronghold continent of the Lich King. The Second Scourge War was over, the third, had begun. Adventurers across Azeroth sailed to Northrend, and the War of the Lich King, began.

Chapter Three - The Betrayal of ThorarEdit

As the War of the Lich King continued, Thorar, the Order's leader, once a powerful mage, sank into warlock magics. He progressed to the point of training himself in necromancy, the dark art of raising the dead. Though the Order warned him that practicing such magics would lead him to his doom, he went further and further with his self-training. After weeks of secluding himself behind a locked door, with a tome of necromancy in front of him, he betrayed the Order and made an alliance with the Lich King. After a time, he began to physically assault the Order. Two weeks passed, after the Order had almost been destroyed, and they realized they needed to finish it. The most powerful warriors and magi in the Order traveled to the Plaguelands, to Thorar's stronghold, Scholomance, where the Battle of Caer Darrow took place. Thorar's risen Scourge minions against the Order of the Iron Blade. When Thorar was weakened, he realized that he was wrong in all he was doing. He killed many of his minions, and sacrificed his life for a man named Willilam. After he died, his abominations fell with him, and the battle was over. A new leader was chosen : Willilam. His reign lasted only a month before he fell in battle, risen by the Lich King as a death knight. He broke free later, but secludes himself from the Order.

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