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This article is a guild information page for Order of the Golden Law of Wyrmrest Accord US.

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Alliance 32 Order of the Golden law
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Name Order of the Golden law
Server Wyrmrest Accord US
Guild Level 25
Leader Lord Protector Ennalor Silvertongue
Type RP
Website Order of the Golden law Order of the Golden law @ Wyrmrest Accord


The goal and purpose of the Order of the Golden Law is to stand against the forces of greater evil that threaten the existence of life as we know it, from the Scourge, the Burning Legion and the Twilight's Hammer, to lesser organizations of evil such as cults, chaotic-evil guilds, and mortal forces bent on destroying or enslaving mankind.It is our duty to stand in defiance of all of these, not as individuals, but as a body which is united under one banner in the name of the Light (or in the name of Good in general). Individuals who do not necessarily follow the Light - Druids, Shamans, and Mages - can still join the Order if their goal is aligned with the Orders. While they do not need to believe that the Light is their overall higher-power, they are expected to adhere to, and dedicate their lives to follow the teachings of the Three Virtues and the tenets of the "Followers Code" ~ Jonathan Kalery, Former Highlord of the Golden Law



Server: Server:Wyrmrest Accord US

Type: Role-playing

Faction: Alliance 32Alliance



The Order of the Golden Law is a level 25, active, heavy role-play guild. Minimum level requirement is level 15 (so we know you at least have intentions to play them). Experienced, mentally mature, and veteran role-players are preferred, with a general understanding of basic Lore, and a decent skill in spelling, punctuation, and over-all grammar. All members are expected to have either an MRP (MyRolePlay) or a TRP (TotalRolePlay), and are recommended to have GHI (GryphonHeartItems) to optimize their role-play capabilities and personal experiences with the guild. Ventrilo or Skype is heavily recommended for In-Character events and for an Out-of-Character voice interview.

The Order of the Golden Law is, first and foremost, a Holy Military Order. What's a "Holy Military Order"? The Knights of the Silver Hand, the Argent Dawn, and the Argent Crusade are all Holy Military Orders.

Uniforms are enforced ICly and are expected to be worn. OOCly, you're free to wear what you wish! In-Character vows of sobriety (not drinking alcohol) and celibacy (not engaging in sexual orientations until after IC marriage) are also enforced!


The Order of the Golden Law is founded by Jonathan Kalery, Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand, Paladin of the Argent Dawn (and later, the Argent Crusade), and seasoned veteran of every war post First War. Being led by a Paladin, true to the Light, the Order was built around the very same virtues that the Order of the Silver Hand and Church of Holy Light modeled after - Respect, tenacity and compassion. When the Order was founded, they sought and gained the support of the Argent Crusade and a handful of remaining Knights of the Silver Hand. While their supporters offered no resources, they did offer their faith and guidance. With this guidance, and with the faith of their allies, the Order was able to grow both spiritually and literally.


Order of the Golden Law

Months after their founding, the Order of the Golden Law was several hundred strong, comprised of true-hearted men and women in service to the Holy Light and to the people. Now, the Order is looked up to by many as true friends and strong allies willing to put their lives at risk to defend Azeroth and her people against evil. The banner of the Golden Law is recognized amongst their allies as a symbol of peace, hope, justice, and unity, and the men and women who carry that banner are the very embodiment of these tenets. Any seeking to join the Order are called to lose much of their old life, including: titles of power, pride, disrespect, dishonesty, and hedonism. Giving up their titles of power (such as the title of a Noble), each member will accept the mantle of a commoner and the humility that comes with it. Giving up their pride, each member must learn to show compassion even to those who show them disrespect or do them a wrong. Giving up their disrespect, they must learn to respect all beings, good, evil or otherwise. Giving up their dishonesty, they must learn to be truthful in their actions, words, and thoughts. Giving up their pursuit of hedonism, each member takes oath to abandon the bottle, never to touch alcohol again, and to preserve sexual relations for the ones they have come to marry. The demands the Order of the Golden Law have for those who carry its banner are heavy, but this only proves the discipline of the members that comprise it. Will you become a Brother or Sister of the Order of the Golden Law?

Guild Rules & Recruitment

Guild rules and protocols can be found on the website, along with additional information regarding recruitment.

The Golden Law welcomes all races and classes with the exception of Warlocks, Death Knights and other shadow aligned lore classes. Roleplaying add-ons such as MRP (MyRolePlay) or a TRP (TotalRolePlay) are recommended, along with GHI (GryphonHeartItems), to optimize their role-play capabilities and personal experiences with the guild.

Firstly, anyone seeking to join the Order of the Golden Law must undergo an Out-of-Character interview, either in Ventrilo or through text (if they are unable to join Ventrilo). The Out-of-Character portion of the interview allows us, as the recruiters, to know the quality of who we are bringing into the guild. It also allows the recruiters to determine whether a character is truly fit for the guild. The questions asked during the Out-of-Character interview can also be found on the Recruitment Application on the left-hand side of the home page by clicking "Apply" and scrolling down to questions 1-13. The Out-of-Character interview is the most important part of the two-part process.

Secondly, after passing the Out-of-Character interview with an Order of the Golden Law recruiter, each individual is required to undergo an In-Character interview. The In-Characater interview allows the recruiter to experience the roleplay skills of the recruit. During the In-Character interview, grammar, punctuation and writing experience is observed. While these three things -do- weigh in on the recruiters final decision, they should not be the sole reason for a recruit being denied access to the Order.

Following being recruited, each new recruit is given their In-Character Uniform by their recruiter and welcome into the Order.

Events & Activity

The Golden Law has more recently begun hosting larger events within the Order, and with allied guilds, such as the week long 40+ man Siege of Stromgarde event, a dungeon mastered storyline in progression for well over a month. Monthly Courts of Honor (promotional ceremonies where members of all ranks see promotions), among countless weekly events such as larger combat practice, out of city story events and patrols keep the member base active and engaged in roleplay at all hours of the day. Active active population averages at about 25-40 per night.


Name Role Description Status
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall Human Male Ennalor Silvertongue Lord Protector (GM) Lord Protector of the Order of the Golden Law; Paladin Alive
Official alliance mini-icon Cheng'li Grand Sentinel Chancellor of the Order of the Golden Law; Hunter Alive
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall Human Male Belathan of Northshire Former Grand Cleric (Spirit) Chancellor of the Order of the Golden Law; Priest Deceased (Spirit)
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall Draenei Male Svaty High Vindicator Chancellor of the Order of the Golden Law; Paladin Alive
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall Human Male Ryan Kowolski Grand Lawbringer Chancellor of the Order of the Golden Law; Paladin Alive
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall Human Female Otulissa Skyheart High Ranger Chancellor of the Order of the Golden Law; Hunter Alive
Tabard zpsda1c9688

Anyone seeking entrance within the Organization can contact anyone whom may be online; everyone has the ability to invite more members into our ranks and to conduct In-Character and Out-of-Character interviews.

Ally Guilds

  • A single regiment gathering for battle.
  • A single regiment engaged in battle.
  • Monthly promotion ceremony.
  • A single gathered regiment of the Order.
  • A single regiment gathering for battle.
  • The Highlord

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