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General InformationEdit

Server: Ragnaros-EU

Faction: Alliance


Order of Watchers is a Hungarian members only guild on the EU-Ragnaros server. We are a casual raiding guild, dedicated to help all bosses of the game to their untimely demise. We also have members dabbling in PvP, so we can say that our activities are quite varied. The guild leader is Larenon, should you have any questions about us, contact him in game.

Guild ProgressEdit

You can check our current progress on our website, in the trophies section.


This guild was founded on 03 August 2005. In the beginning our founding fathers didn't even know what a raid instance is, yet nowadays we can show off some impressive progress history. We are a friendly bunch of people and despite farming the raid instances we do not consider our guild to be a hardcore guild, we are doing the instances for fun (though if a few epics drop in the process, we won't disenchant them...) For our first birthday we have made a professional guild movie, which can be found here - or here's a direct link to the 1.8 GB DVD movie.

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

We're taking a relaxed attitude towards raiding, our current raiding schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday and Friday - 20:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00

Guild RulesEdit

  • We are a Hungarian guild therefore we require our members to be Hungarian.
  • We have just a few rules in accordance to our casual approach. Our focus is on 10-man normal raid instances, items are assigned by simple rolling, no DKP system is used.
  • We are open for applications. If you'd like to join us, please visit our forum and read the guidelines before submitting an application.

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