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General Edit

Order Of The Hammer Alliance 15Alliance PvE Guild on Shattered Hand.

Progress Edit

OOTH is the first Guild on Shattered Hand to kill Kel'Thuzad (27-11-2006) and clear Naxxramas.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is closed until further notice!

With the upcoming expansion drawing near, we have stopped recruiting. You can find more information at our forums.

Thank you in advance for not bothering our Officers & Classleaders with questions about joining OOTH.

Contact Edit

IRC: #OOTH on QuakeNet


Currently we do not organize raids to sell epic items, propositions will most probably be denied.

For non-recruitment stuff (e.g. rare guildbank trade materials), you can always contact us in game.

Guildmaster : Gannon

Officers: Anessa, Despotes, Inchhigh

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