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Overview Edit

Optimus Luminarium (Latin for "Noble Light") is an Alliance guild on the Dark Iron server focused on building and maintaining friendships. This guild prides itself on being a friendly G-rated guild that is suitable for players of all ages. OL is a casual raiding guild with a core of serious players who enjoy end-game on a sane schedule.

Recruitment is generally open to any like minded players wishing to play in a family-friendly setting. See the guild website for more information (including an application for membership). You may also contact Officers or Veterans in game for more information.


The guild was founded August 8, 2006. Demanding raiding schedules and interpersonal conflicts in other guilds made playing a chore. The officers longed for a return to the good times they had when they first started playing. Hence, Optimus Luminarium was born.

Guild ProgressEdit

Guild RulesEdit

  • The guild is a family- and friend-oriented guild. There are no level requirements or raid schedule requirements.
  • All members must agree to be courteous to other players, follow the in game rules, and treat others with respect.
  • Members must refrain from using offensive language in guild, party, raid, and voice chat channels.
  • There is currently no DKP system in place. The guild uses the need/greed system to roll for loot.
    • Members can roll need only if the user can use the item on that character at that time, unless the entire party consents.
    • Members can roll greed on anything they wish.
    • When in doubt, discuss with the group before rolling need on items.

Guild AlliancesEdit

Optimus Luminarium maintains a healthy friendship with the Sandwich No Jutsu guild on the same server. Members of these two guilds along with some from Section Nine created a new guild with more of a focus on raiding called the United Guilds of Azeroth. The raiding guild did not last long, as it was formed weeks before the release of the Burning Crusade. When Outland became available, most of the members of United Guilds of Azeroth understandably became more interested in Outland than in running "old" end game content. Most everyone went back to their respective guilds and they still maintain a solid friendship.

Optimus Luminarium still encourages communicating and participating with friends from allied guilds by using a cross-guild in game chat channel named "UGA". Currently the channel is used to form groups for instances and quests, form up 25-man raids, and for general chat.

Officers and VeteransEdit

Hariel, Guild Leader
Seastar, Officer
Alwynn, Officer
Lyxon, Officer
Gradientecho, Veteran
Tarfoth, Veteran

See AlsoEdit

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