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Guild History Edit

We are a Horde PvE (Player vs. Environment) Guild on the realm of Ghostlands. We have established a guild centered around teamwork, friendship, and fair play. We enjoy and encourage progression, but strive above all else to keep the game fun, regardless of our current activities.

At The Present Edit

Unfortunately, Onyx met it's end as a guild in late August 2008.

Last Active Leadership Edit

Guild LeaderEdit




Raid LeadersEdit



~This table represents the raiding progressions of Onyx on Ghostlands until it's demise.

World Bosses {2/2} Edit

    --Kazzak :: Dead.
    --Doomwalker :: Dead.

Karazhan {Cleared} Edit

  --Attumen :: Dead.
  --Moroes :: Dead.
  --Maiden of Virtue :: Dead.
  --Curator :: Dead.
  --Terestian Illhoof :: Dead.
  --Shade of Aran :: Dead.
  --Netherspite :: Dead.
  --Prince Malchezaar :: Dead.
  --Nightbane :: Dead.
  --Opera Event :: All 3 Dead.
  --Chess Event :: Cleared.
  --Midnight Mount :: Obtained.

Zul'Aman {Cleared} Edit

  --Nalorakk :: Dead.
  --Akil'zon :: Dead.
  --Jan'alai :: Dead.
  --Halazzi :: Dead.
  --Hex Lord Malacrass :: Dead.
  --Zul'jin :: Dead.
  --Bear-Mount :: Obtained.

Gruul's Lair {Cleared} Edit

  --High King Maulgar :: Dead.
  --Gruul :: Dead.

Magtheridon's Lair {Cleared} Edit

  --Magtheridon :: Dead.

SSC {5/6} Edit

  --Hydross the Unstable :: Dead.
  --The Lurker Below :: Dead.
  --Leotheras the Blind :: Dead.
  --Fathom-Lord Karathress :: Dead.
  --Morogrim Tidewalker :: Dead.
  --Lady Vashj :: Alive.

The Eye {3/4} Edit

  --Al'ar :: Dead.
  --Void Reaver :: Dead.
  --High Astromancer Solarian :: Dead.
  --Kael'thas :: Alive.
  --Phoenix Mount :: Not Obtained.

Hyjal {Cleared} Edit

  --Rage Winterchill :: Dead.
  --Anetheron :: Dead.
  --Kaz'rogal :: Dead.
  --Azgalor :: Dead.
  --Archimonde :: Dead.

Black Temple {4/9} Edit

  --High Warlord Naj'entus :: Dead.
  --Supremus :: Dead.
  --Shade of Akama :: Dead.
  --Teron Gorefiend :: Dead.
  --Gurtogg Bloodboil :: Alive.
  --Reliquary of Souls :: Alive.
  --Mother Shahraz :: Alive.
  --Illidari Council :: Alive.
  --Illidan Stormrage :: Alive.

Further Info Edit

- Onyx Website
- Armory Entry
- WowJutsu Entry

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