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Guild Leader: Ihrie
Co-leader: Delant

Oni (Alliance) Server: The Scryers Status: Retired

Original formed formed in November of 2007 Oni is a small guild on The Scryers server. It's leadership is composed of real life friends friends who have experienced the game in a variety of different ways, from hardcore end game raiding to general casual play.

The name Oni, despite it's obvious meaning from Japanese culture, is actually an abbreviation of the words Optimus Novus Ignotus. Very roughly translated, these Latin words mean Uber Noobs Anonymous (or more directly greatest new unknowns). From this name the ideology of Oni is born. Oni is comprised of competent players who want to enjoy endgame small raid content (10 man dungeons) to its fullest while retaining a casual friendly environment.

The concept of being a strong individual is present. You are expected to know your class and role well in any situation. It is not the responsibility of guild leadership to show you how to play your character though they will always offer friendly advice and encouragement. The leadership of Oni also believes that if you participate in a raid/dungeon then you should have equal access to any loot that drops in that raid/dungeon. Oni therefore does not enforce any form of DKP system as those tend to favor attendance over skill. Even guests from outside of the guild have equal opportunity to loot so long as they participate in the raid/dungeon run.

<b>Content cleared/finished since our inception:
Burning Crusade: All heroic content, Karazhan, Zul'Aman,
Wrath of the Lich King: All heroic content, Naxxramas 10 man, Vault of Archavon 10 & 25 man, The Obsidian Sanctum 10 & 25 man, Eye of Eternity 10 man.

Final days of Oni

The guild slipped into inactivity just before ICC (Icecrown Citadel) when Ihrie took a break from the game. Delant and the other officers continued to run the guild for a while after but once they also retired from play the guild slipped into inactive status.

Shortly after the core membership had become inactive the guild leader's account was stolen (not once but three times....ugh Blizzard fail here IMO). The last illegitimate holder of Ihrie's account was briefly active and used the account and respective guild name for their own raiding goals in ICC.

When the original account holder learned of this he and Blizzard promptly put a stop to their activities and returned control of the character/account to the proper person.

In the end all traces of this dubious individuals activities were expunged from ONI, including the ill-gotten membership. It was regrettable that so many other people had gotten involved because of this imposter but it had to be done. Oni may have been retired but that doesn't mean some stranger(s) had the right to waltz in and do with our good name as they pleased.

After this ordeal, to which I have greatly abridged to avoid a personal rant against Bliz, Oni once again settled into inactive status.

Guild Leaders Final Thoughts

Oni was a wonderful "experiment" in the idea of casual hardcore. As a guild we accomplished much, often despite larger more accomplished guilds or their membership boldly stating we'd fail or couldn't handle it. Often our greatest accomplishments were not completed entirely with core membership but with large numbers of PUG (pick up group) player. Because of this we also met many great people, many of whom we developed friendships with in game.

As a guild we demonstrated that WoW could be fun as well as competitive without resorting to DKP systems, mandatory attendance or requiring specific classes/specs etc. Sure this endeavor was not always easy as our core tenets often clashed with the communities raiding mentality/loot ideologies. Not to mention Blizzards shifting stances on content for smaller guilds.

In the end I will always look back with fond memories of my time leading Oni. Good or bad and despite the frustrations of running a guild it was in the end always fun. I want to close by wishing all of our past membership the best, happy gaming!


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