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One Spot is a PvE orientated guild on the Terenas EU server. The member base is made up of a small, social group of raiders with a wide experience of endgame content from pre-TBC onwards.

Overview Edit

The guild was formed from a select group of individuals that wished to balance endgame progression with a relaxed social community, without jeopardizing the interaction and enjoyment felt by both casual and hardcore players.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

The guild was originally formed by Dagomyre, Ezerian, Dassem, Shattershot and Amelith. After some initial teething problems the guild has slowly developed into the social community that was first envisioned and has now began in earnest to achieve PvE progression in the endgame instances. There is a long and ardous road ahead but the first steps have firmly been taken.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Officers Edit

One Spot is run by a single Guildmaster and a small number of Officers. The guild also offers positions as Raidleaders to those that have proven their worth in organising our members during PvE encounters as well as casual roles for those players that are associates of the guild.

Ranks in One Spot are: Officer, Raidleader, Member, Trialist and Friend of OS.

Dassem, Guildmaster 
All Guild related matters.
Ezerian, Officer 
Raiding & PvE.
Anu, Officer 
Website Designer & Admin.
Nellass, Officer 
Recruitment & Trialist Management.
Amelith, Officer 
Teamspeak, DKP & Website Consultant.

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