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One Percenters is a focused PvE guild that want's to see and conquer all in-game Warcraft content. Showing resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges, we will aggressively pursue endgame content in a focused environment with competitive, talented gamers.

This guild was formed on Garrosh. It is dedicated towards end game content. We do our 25 player raiding on Friaday and Saturday nights. Our loot system is EPGP To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Ycs, Sorschia, Zerath in game.

Bosskill Progression Edit Guild site progression page

~ttp:// Garrosh US server progression tracking

History Edit

This guild was made with the intention to do endgame PvE content. We want stable and responsible players who can all play the game we love at high levels with minimum stress. While gear is a tool needed to succeed, we highly favor competent players with an aggressive stance toward team play and cohesion. We have several experienced players that understand the dynamics of raiding, and it is enjoyable to not teach basics at raids. This guild is not for the soft-hearted or over-emotional player. Thick skin and the ability to accept creative criticism will enable you to join the ranks of "One Percenters".

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • 25 player content: Friday-Saturday 9pm-1am.
  • 10 player content: Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons

General Rules Edit

  • Be competent as a person
  • Be a team player
  • Know your class
  • Understand raiding mechanics
  • Speak/talk on Ventrilo during raids

Officers Edit

If you need assistance with anything relating to the "One Percenters" guild please contact any of the following in-game:

Ycs, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. You got words to type, he can type back.
Sorschia, Officer 
Dangerous warlock,(don't tip less than 26 copper for a summons), but may be able to help re-route you to our website to apply.
Zerath, Officer 
Can handle whatever you throw at him, he has a rogue so don't be gentle. Got beef? Find him on ventrilo 22/7.

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