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Alliance 32 Omen of Shattered Hand Edit

Omen is an Alliance guild on the Shattered Hand (US) server.

History Edit

Omen was born on launch day, formed by Jonaas, Tyrion, and Ayl, among others. Omen was formed of remnants from a Star Wars Glaxies guild known as the Southern Krayt Legion, on radiant server.

The FormingEdit

As told by Jonaas: I had taken the day off work in order to ensure that the guild could be formed, and the name could be reserved. I started my Night Elf Druid as soon as the install and patching was complete. I met with those that i knew immediately to gather money for the charter. Once bought Tyrion and I signed right away, but there weren't enough other people in Teldrassil that we knew to complete the signing. After Tyrion signed-off to goto work, I began inviting random people as i came across them. Some signed, most did not. After some time of wandering from Darnassus to shadowglen and back, I finally got the last signature needed.

I immediately put out the word to those that signed the charter, that they could leave or stay if they wanted. All but 2 of the unknowns left- Athyn, and Endymionmk.

Other InfoEdit


Recruitment is open. We give people about 2 weeks to contribute positively to the guild, and then are kept or kicked. Contact Bartleby, Tyrion, or Jonaas for info

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