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General Information Edit

Guild History Edit

About Obscure

Obscure is a result of a few mergers and started back in May 2005. We was a bunch of friends who came from another game, we didn’t know much about WOW, I was the only one who played the beta before.

We started as <WOLVES>, was around 20 member and ofc it took some time to get some lvl 60s. Some problem with the old leadership made us create a new guild called <MALUS>.

Around August we had 70 member and started UBRS, we realized end of August, that we cant raid MC on our own. We went to the forum and searched for some guilds who would raid with us together.

Mid of August we merged with MOD, the guild where Chani was in . We got some nice new people, it happend right before the first migration to mag did happen.

At 16th September we started MC with <Onslaught>, we had a pretty nice teamwork there and if im not wrong we ripped raggy end of December the first time ever! At 13th January we got our first and only legendary – Eye for Kocmoc .

Back at these days, we was on Shadow Moon, the server was pretty much full and we had some heavy queues these days. Sometimes 600+ in line and this meant waiting times to log in again of 30-45 mins. When u did DC in MC u had some major problems, as u had to take a new player….

This made us migrate in March 2006 I think, we moved both guilds to Drak Thul, As we arrived, we decided to merge to one guild, as we did work very good together and it would make it much more easy to control all the people.

Now as we moved we spoke a lot about the new guildname…. As Ihzahn went to the Guilddude in Org, he took the <Obscurum> name to start with something. Later on, we decided to keep the name and move on. In fact, if someone else went there, we could run around with <Onslaught> today….so thx ihzzy for saving us with this cool name.

We start some months later MC and ofc later BWL than many other guilds. Nef went down 25th april 2006 first time.

Some stats about Obscure.

We are not a so called “hardcore guild”. We are a mix of hardcore player and casual player and I think that make us somehow strong.

There are many adult player 25-50 years old, with family, job, kids and all the other stuff, which make u not playing 24/7. Many don’t come all the time, but when they come, they are prepared and are very valuable member.

They are our backbone, never moan about not getting a spot in a raid, but always willing to jump in to fill a whole. Thx for that guys!

We also notice that we don’t got the “burnout-syndrome” like many other guilds, where player who played all the day got bored and leave game.

Ofc there are also kids in our guild and we feel that we have to take care of them, there are manner in our Guildchat. We see us as a big family if u want Wink

Actual we have around 200 chars in our guild and around 160 Accounts. We are an international guild, we speak/write english in Guildchat and on TS.

Original post by Kocmoc

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