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From the burning flames of KoL, the will of good friends of hard core raiding guilds and the strong feelings for something never seen before on Turalyon World of Warcraft Server, a new guild is born.

Oasis is the beacon of hope in a desert of lies, false promises and injustice called Turalyon. It's the product of faith for something better in this game and the fire inside us all to evolve. Its the spirit of players who say we want more so we choose to make it.

Overview Edit

History Edit

Oasis was formed in February 2007, from the ashes of Knights of Luthien. The guild's goal was to provide a new home to ex-KoL members who were looking for a place to stay after the not so expected disband of their old guild. The outcasts of KoL managed sortly to grow in numbers and eventually to raid regularly Karazhan.

Oasis is a guild that doesn't focus on one aspect of the game, but tries to be more. Aim is to be a social raiding guild which provides everything the members want, from guild meetings to a raid groups or traditional Crossroads pvp. Oasis is a guild with strong values that allowed the guild to withstand the corruption of time over the years and the members to support the guild up until today.

Guild Progress WOTLK Edit

NAXX 10 Edit

Arachnid Quarter Edit

Grand Widow FaerlinaKilled

Plague Quarter Edit

Opera: Noth the PlaguebringerKilled
Opera: Heigan the UncleanKilled
Opera: LoathebKilled

Military Quarter Edit

Instructor RazuviousKilled
Gothik the HarvesterKilled
The Four Horsemenkilled

Construct (Abomination) Quarter Edit


Construct (Abomination) Quarter Edit


Obsidian Sanctum 10 man Edit


Recruitment Edit

In case you are wondering how can you apply for our guild, you can read all about it on our forums.

Oasis is a guild that that been around since 2007. It is one of those guild that gets to you and leaves its mark on everyone that has been a member. We’re a guild that enjoys bantering away on Guild chat, running instances with each other and chatting all night on our own Ventrilo channel.!

Though we are a social guild, we want to raid! One thing must be said though is we are not a hardcore raiding guild. We love to have fun in raids and so far it has worked very well!

Contact us Edit

If you have any questions regarding Oasis you can visit our website. It's also possible to whisper Antoti, Greystone, Oikon, Lavie, Shamz or Razgriz.

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