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ORILI is a tight-knit group of people who casually PVP, farm heroics, and do 10-man raids. Guild chat is rated M.

ORILI was formed on Wildhammer. We play for fun, not for work--most of us, anyway. Most of us have alts, but playing is concentrated on our 70s. We do not twink. For more information, you can contact the Primary Contact Officers.

Guild progress Edit

  • Heroic Instances - farm status
  • Karazhan - Attumen > Moroes > Maiden > Opera > Nightbane > Curator > Illhoof > Aran > Netherspite > Chess > Prince
  • Zul'Aman - Nalorakk > Timed Reward Chest Event 1 > Akil'Zon > Timed Reward Chest Event 2

History Edit

ORILI was formed by Myrthandir, among a host of other people. Over the past 11 months since the formation of ORILI, we have seen a great deal of changes. Everyone works really hard to perfect their character(s) and in doing so provides a great sense of accomplishment to the guild. Growing out of a close knit group of friends into a guild of 30+ people..we have developed into quite the family and work together extremely well when we put our minds to it. I encourage everyone to be open with their personal goals for the game. What do you want to accomplish here? And how can we help you do it? This guild is only going to move forward with everyone's participation and dedication. I've seen what we are capable let's do it and push past those boundaries.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

In Progress...

  • Monday, 9-10 server start time - Karazhan

Sign-ups will occur each week...please contact Zach to find out what to do

Guild rules Edit

  • While raiding is casual in nature, it is expected that members of the "core" group will be present for raids unless prior notification is given. In this case, slots may be given to "secondary" members or PUGs. If we get enough members, then we will probably try to arrange for two "core" raid groups to get more people in.
  • The Guild Bank is not open for access to all ranks, but if you request an item, an officer will likely oblige.
    • It is EXPECTED that members add more items or money than they remove.
  • Members with low-level main characters will generally receive aid in leveling (usually through runs), but they are still expected to pull their own weight.
  • We do not look well upon people who cause guild drama. If you have a problem, please come to me about it. It's my job to make sure that everyone is getting along as best as possible. Contact me through in-game mail, e-mail (, Myspace, or Facebook.
  • Members are expected to have Ventrilo. You do not need a microphone, though it is preferred.
  • If you can't handle "M-rated" content in chat, you do not belong here.
  • If you are a new member, we don't expect you to tell us everything there is to know about yourself; however, we would like to know your first name and general location (state/province or city). It lets us get to know you better.
  • Game Rules - 1. Don't follow Ryan. 2. Don't listen to Nathan. 3. Mageomatic is the enemy

Primary Contact Officers Edit

Sebbin, Guild Leader 
Main Tank: Prot and MS warrior. Useful in arenas, bg's, and the occasional raiding experience. [[1]]
Mythrandir, 2nd in Command 
Healadin; Main Healer and vast source of game knowledge. He likely knows about upcoming news before you. [[2]]
Animus, Lieutenant 
Elemental Shammy and Super High Ranged DPS. There since before the beginning and still kicking ass. [[3]]
Thycis, Lieutenant 
Subtlety Rouge with superior melee DPS..also he'll pay you 10g if you're the first to pat his pet (when he offers it). [[4]]
Thocas, Lieutenant 
Secondary Healer and Resto Tree Druid. Proprietor of Thocas Bell. This one "needs" on every epic. [[5]]
Lamija, Lieutenant 
Frost-Arcane Mage. Upon the discovery of her Asian-ness, she quickly became the topic of much secks related discussion. [[6]]
Crytonn, Lieutenant 
Prot Pally and Secondary Tank. Up and coming tank with a passion for ridiculous vent macros. [[7]]
Celestyna, Lieutenant 
High dps and fearless rogue. Rachel's various alts and time dedication to the guild make her a versatile addition to our she is French :) [[8]]

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