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OCHO DURO is a casaual Raiding guild on the Aggramar US server, our motto is "Play HARD and have FUN!" and that's what we do. As of now (April 13, 2008) we are accepting applications of lvl 70's who are attuned to Karazhan and have one heroic key.

This guild was formed on Aggramar. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Enlonnamoon, Mcfarger, Holysmokes in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

OCHO DURO directly translates to "Hard Eight" in Latin. Ocho was started by Hctans, Blakmar, and Holysmokes in the early days of WoW, and grew until there were enough people to ally and start raiding the old game end game. After Hctans many battles with WoW addiction he passed the leadership to Blakmar who led the guild through URBS and ZG, and up through MC, but then Blakmar had a change of heart and passed the Leadership to Holysmokes who was a non raider. After a while with Holy as leader he felt the guild needed a raider as leader, so he then passed the lead to Nunco. Nunco led the guild through AQ20 and AQ40, and we got in BWL right befor TBC dropped. Nunco successfully led OCHO through kara in the early months of The Burning Crusade, un till she had her seacond child and could not commit as much time and she wanted to WoW and passed the lead to a Co-op of Holysmokes and Enlonnamoon, and Enlonnamoon is the current raid leader while Holysmokes handles more fo the affairs in guild like recruitment and Guild Ranks.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • All our raids start at 7:30 server time. unless specified befor hand.

Guild rules Edit


Officers Edit

Enlonnamoon, Co-Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for adminship.
Holysmokes, Co-Guildmaster 
he knows everything. literally... everything.
Neilis, High-Officer 
Heavy Raider and will make the call if you raid or not.
Nunco, High-Officer 
Has call over everything, leader behind the leaders.
Unicorns, High-Officer 
L33t healer, will heal your face off.
Sidon, High-Officer 
Holds alot of water in the guild.
Mcfarger, Raider 
Maker of this page, LORE MASTER!

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