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This article is a guild information page for Nurfed of Blackrock US.

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Overview Edit

History Edit

Nurfed has been together for well over six years, and was founded during the early days of Shadowbane. We have been a prominent figurehead in the WoW community since its inception, even dating back to the alpha version of the game. In beta, Nurfed was the first guild to access Upper Blackrock Spire (the original "keyed" raid dungeon in the game), and we have been at the cusp of progression ever since. Throughout the lifetime of the game, we have obtained numerous highly ranked world kills (Nefarian, Viscidus, C'Thun, The Four Horsemen, Kael'thas, Illidan, etc.) which date all the way back to Molten Core, where we also acquired the first legendary item to be found in the game, the [Talisman of Binding Shard]. Having accomplished multiple top 10 world kills in Sunwell Plateau (with a world 13th kill on M’uru -- arguably the most difficult encounter ever implemented in the game), we continue to preside at the top for being one of only a handful of guilds with the Money achievement Glory of the Raider (25 player) achievement. It is worth noting that we have been particularly indifferent to the current crop of content; Ulduar, however, seems to promise a renewal of our interest in the competitive PvE aspect of the game.

As a tightly knit group of players -- many of whom are friends in real life -- we enjoy being the best we possibly can at everything we do. With approximately forty (40) total guild members (excluding a recent influx of alts), we can ensure that the raiding atmosphere remains upbeat and friendly. Every one of our players feels privileged to be part of such an exceptional and uniquely talented guild.

Many of us are also very active in the PvP scene. We are currently sporting the #1 rated 3v3 and #1 rated 5v5 arena teams on Bloodlust, which is notorious for being the toughest battlegroup in all of WoW. Not only that, but we also manage to routinely secure season-ending titles, such as Vengeful Gladiator. We additionally allow our players to attend various tournament functions while playing on other teams' rosters. For example, Teeb played for Team Pandemic alongside Nitrana, Sck, and others. Similarly, Glorin was playing for the US division of SK-Gaming.

F.A.Q. Edit

  •  Do you honestly raid so little? How is that possible?
Yes, we truly only raid 12 hours per week, and that's at the absolute maximum. A typical progression raid week for us is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday, all from 8:00 PM EST until Midnight. You will never raid on a Friday or Saturday in this guild, and you will only be asked to attend on a Thursday or Monday a few times per year. The vast majority of our competition will devote more time to a new encounter on their very first day than we will in our first week. We emphasize skill over time spent. Currently, we clear all of Naxxramas, The Eye of Eternity, The Obsidian Sanctum, and the Vault of Archavon on Tuesday evenings in about two and a half hours.

  •  What type of loot system does Nurfed use?
Nurfed uses GM-assigned loot, where the GM receives Officer input. This method is widely known as "merit" or "loot council." We do not use any variation of DKP, though we did develop our own DKP suite and released it for public consumption prior to the release of The Burning Crusade. It can still be found for download at the Nurfed UI website.

  •  Alright, then how many Officers are there?
We have three Officers, and we do not believe in the notion of class leaders.

  •  Most high-end raiding guilds have hundreds of members. Why don't you?
Our active roster currently sits at 37 players, but alts artificially inflate our tally by another 20 or so characters. We will never deviate much from these numbers; we feel that a smaller organization helps foster a deeper attachment to one's fellow guildmates, and lasting friendships inevitably emerge. Moreover, a limited player base is far easier to manage, thus creating a smoother, more enjoyable raiding atmosphere for everyone. Our principles stand in stark contrast to the so-called "zerg" guilds who tirelessly assault new content with their endless supply of unsophisticated players.

  •  If I apply, will I actually be allowed to participate in Sunwell raids, or will I be benched as a "back-up"?
We do not recruit back-ups. Assuming you are adequately geared, you will be permitted to come to any raid -- even progression. For example, our most recent recruit's very first raid was on a run for The Immortal, where he participated in our success. However, this is not meant to imply that you will never be sat out. Certain encounters require a very specific raid composition, which is something we have little control over, so expect to be asked to take one for the team on occasion.

  •  How exactly does recruitment work in Nurfed, and will I receive a guild tag during this period?
Trial membership is roughly a six-week process. You are permitted to form your own guild during this time, as you are not awarded a Nurfed guild tag until you become a full-fledged member. Furthermore, membership status is contingent upon the entirety (as in 100%) of the guild agreeing that you are someone we'd like to keep around. If a single member vetoes you for any reason, you will be let go.

  •  I heard a rumor that you don't recruit women. Is that true?
Unfortunately, skilled female gamers are a rarity. We are not averse to women in this guild; we are severely allergic to drama queens and attention whores, though.

  •  Am I allowed to bring my alt(s) to guild raids?
No, alts are never permitted in our raids -- not during progression or otherwise. You are recruited to play one class, and one class only. If you wish to gear out your alt, you must do so on your own time.

  •  How does the guild operate during progression?
Throughout the duration of fresh content, the guild bank pays for all repairs and respec fees, furnishes enchanting materials, and acts as a supplement for the exorbitant amount of consumable usage by our players. All guild-earned commodities (such as epic items, rare patterns, and gold) are distributed by the leadership on an as-needed basis. This level of micromanagement enables us to ensure a fair spread of materials amongst our players, guaranteeing that no one is able to abuse the system.

  •  What about guild politics? What happens internally?
On all important issues, the guild is a functioning democracy: Every member's input weighs just as heavily as the guild master's own. In effect, the leadership exists solely to perform the smaller, less important, and often tedious task of guild maintenance, doing what they can to eliminate burden on other players.

  •  Why don't I ever see you guys posting on the forums?
Generally speaking and with few exceptions, it is against guild policy to post on public forums. Specifically, it is forbidden for members to participate in any sort of "raid progress" thread. We prefer to let our accomplishments speak for themselves. Likewise, we frown upon guildmates who trash talk to anyone via any medium (unless it is plainly in jest and with good will). We have a zero tolerance policy for douchebags, egomaniacs, or otherwise shady individuals.

  •  I noticed that Nurfed is near the top of some WWS records. Where can I find your reports?
We're not giving out the guild link. You'll just have to sift through the search feature. Sorry!

  •  There is a rumor that numerous members of your guild have NPCs named after them. Confirm or deny?
They are nothing but filthy lies.

  •  Is there a reason that your guild is ranked so poorly on WoWProgress / WoWJutsu / etc.?
As previously stated, the combination of weak encounters, recycled three-year-old-content, the additional hoops one has to jump through via achievements, and the fact that all of the raid bosses were beaten a mere 56 hours after WotLK's launch proved to be very disheartening for our guild. We thrive on challenge, yet we were presented with none. As a guild, we elected to go dormant in PvE until there was a dungeon worthy of our time.

  •  Where can your guild be found?
We reside on the Blackrock server. Alternatively, you can chat with us through our forums or via IRC in channel #nurfed on GameSurge.

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