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Nuclear Launch Detected (NLD) is a proud adult Horde guild on the Trollbane server. We all enjoy real life, not losing sleep, silly laughter on Vent, and take humble pride in our freaky pwnage. For us progression is a mind state, gear is a tool to help achieve that goal while looking like a sexy pimp. We highly prioritize in group effort, sense of community, friendship, humor, and love.

Our men are not afraid to wear pink and our females are not afraid of calling the men out, when they wear pink.

Overview Edit

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

25 Man on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30 pm EST.

Guild Progression Edit

10-Man Raids Edit



20-Man Raids Edit


Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

25-Man Raids Edit

Gruul's Lair

Battle for Mount Hyjal

40-Man Raids Edit

Molten Core

Onyxia's Lair

Memoriable Quotes Edit

  • CC? Pshh~~ AOE them all!" - Cavalina
  • "We don't do anything conventional anymore." - KowTippin
  • "I'm Korean. I have to PvP and play StarCraft!!" - Var
  • "I'm Soblue, I'm Soblue. I don't know what to do." - Soblue
  • "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." - Doomcaller
  • "Yeah, they blow really hard." - Alpha
  • "Burn them hoes. That's how we roll." - Nuuth
  • "Loot those B!**es." - Veiliety
  • "F-- this. I'm not running out." - Matadorian
  • "LETS DO THIS!! WHOOO!!!!" - Var

History of the Guild Edit

2007 Januaray 19

  • Nuclear Launch Detected was formed on Trollbane. We transfered from Zul'jin from our previous guild <There is no Cow Level>. The starting members were Var, Tigorn, Kongpea, Kongshoo, Aralle, Winkey, Mugale, and Muraco.

2007 May 09

  • NLD merged with another adult like minded guild Corruptus Animus (CA) to venture into more 5 man instance contents and preparing to do Karazhan. The members from CA were Xoogla, Matadorian, Chanchito, Redeyes, Morbidangel, Whee, Floxx, Angeltdemon, Raticade, Artillerous and Nuuth.

2007 September 04

  • NLD had a short co-op run with Squish Mittens to venture further into Karazhan. Though the co-op was short lived, we've befriend one of the officer named Alpha.

2007 Novermber 15

  • Due to real life issue Var had to step down from being the co-GM.

2008 Janurary 01

  • NLD had a month long co-op with Soulbound to expereince the 25-man raid content.

2008 April

  • NLD went into a "streamline" period. One of the agenda was to have just the raiders (main character) in NLD and move the other alts in a new alt guild titled Yamato Guns. Nuuth has stepped down from GM due to other obligations and Var became the GM.

2008 May

  • With great enthusiasm NLD and Soulbound started a co-op, involving the 10-man and the 25-man raids.

History of the Officer's Quater Edit

2007 January to 2007 May

  • GM: Var
  • Officers: Kongpea, Tigorn

2007 May to 2007 July

  • GM: Nuuth, Var
  • Officers: Angeltdemon, Raticade, Tigorn

2007 July to 2007 November

  • GM: Nuuth, Var
  • Raid Officer: Matadorian
  • Officers: Marimu, Tigorn

2007 November to 2008 Janurary

  • GM: Nuuth
  • Raid Officer: Artillerous
  • Events Officer: Kowtippin
  • Recruit Officer: Liplock
  • Officers: Matadorian, Tigorn

2008 Feburary to 2008 April

  • GM: Nuuth
  • Raid Officer: Artillerous
  • Events Officer: Kowtippin
  • Recruit/Moral Oficer: Var
  • Website Officer: Matadorian
  • Officer: Tigorn

2008 April to Present

  • GM: Var

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