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Nordrassil is a democratic guild founded by several breakaway members of a severely autocratic guild. As such, we value free speech and group decisions.

Overview Edit

Nordrassil is founded on precepts of fairness and helpfulness. It attempts to be a truly democratic guild: all council positions are open to general election, with full guild leadership being granted to whomever is elected Captain. The guild is open to all races, classes and levels, and would probably even let in Hoarde if we could.

History Edit

This guild was formed by Mithri, Lindlass, Silvestriae, Ketham and Bodhan - former members of another guild which did not offer much in the way of group decision making. In search of democracy, they formed a new guild. Because guild ownership is tied to an elected position, and elections are held regularly, it is hoped that Nordrassil will progress in a way that reflects its membership's wishes.

Ranks Edit

The guild has the following ranks:

A newly introduced rank to deal with the influx of new and untested members. No access to the guild bank.
Members who have proven suitable for the guild. Some guild bank access.
General membership who show an active interest in Guild participation. Moderate guild bank access.
A respected member who aids other members and contributes to the Guild Bank. Bank access and recruiting privileges.
A highly respected member who consistently aids other members and contributes generously to the Guild Bank
A non-Council member who fulfills the qualifications to be a Knight, and is also privy to Council discussions
In charge of Guild funds
Guild leader. In charge of organising Guild Dungeon runs and Raids. In charge of promotions, guild instance runs and raids, and maintaining this page

Officers and Elections Edit

Nordrassil is led by an elected Council of three. Elections are held on the first weekend of each month. Only one member of the triumvirate is elected at a time, giving each member a normal tenure of three months. This gives both stability, and a chance for new blood in the leadership. The current Council consists of:

Captain, Melinababe

The Captain is in charge of most elections: nominations and votes should be sent to the Captain, and the Captain will notify members of candidates. The only exception to this is the election of the Captain, which will be handled by the Adjutant.

As with other guilds, officers have their own chat channel (/o). The three Council ranks have access to this, as does the rank of Lieutenant, which is reserved for members the Council believes should have input to Council decisions, but who have not been elected, or have rejected nomination.


Guild Rules Edit

This is a helpful and friendly guild. We will not tolerate:

  • Bullying
  • Name calling
  • Disrespect for other guild members
  • Egregious crimes against the English language (I PWND U NOOB!!! I ROXORS 4EVA!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!)

Infractions will be dealt with by the Elected Officers, who have the power to reprimand, demote, and/or recommend expulsion from the guild to the council. The use of these powers is at the Officer's discretion.

Tabard Edit


Nordrassil is the proud owner of a tabard. When we all get together we look pretty cool, although it would help if people would stand in order of height. The tabard is a lush tree, representing the World Tree Nordrassil, on a blue field (because we like it) in gold

The Guild Bank Edit

Nordrassil has a guild bank using the newly released Guild Bank system. It is used to store gold, raw materials and equipment for characters in the guild to use. The level of access to the bank is based on each guild member's rank within the guild. Lower ranked characters may only be able to access raw materials, cloth, and less powerful items. However all members are entitled to ask an officer if they want something they cannot withdraw themselves.

The guild bank is maintained and administered by the Quartermaster. Guild members may send money or items to the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster may store, sell or auction items. Donating to the Guild Bank is not compulsory, but for the bank to function, it does need donations. At higher levels, a character can often afford to give away some loot for the good of the guild.

Removal of items from the Guild bank for Resale or Auctioning is exclusive to the Quartermaster (and Captain if acting on QM's behalf). No members are to remove items for personal profit

Raid Policy Edit

All raids and instance runs within the guild are organised by the Captain, at the request of guild members. The guild does not conduct regular or compulsory raids.

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