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Overview Edit

Biography Edit

No Sleep For the Weary is a late night, casual raiding guild. It's name, NSFW, is a clever pun on the tag "Not Safe For Work," which reflects the mostly R-rated chat that takes place in guild and on vent. It was formed from the former guild Morality Shift shortly after the release of The Burning Crusade. The guild members are mostly 18 years old or higher. The trademark of NSFW is its raid time, 12am server time, which they established to accommodate their members who either work the 3rd shift, live on the other side of the world, or are crazy college kids. They put a higher focus on trying to enjoy World of Warcraft rather than sacrificing their lives over progressing through it.

After the great breakup of '07 where our more hardcore left and scattered, the rest of us stayed to only raid three days in a more softcore setting.

Raid Rules Edit

  • Twenty Five man raids form at 11:30 pm server time
  • Late Night Kara and ZA begins at 11:45 pm server time
  • The raid schedule usually involves about 1 to 3 days of raiding each week and the content of each raid is decided by class composition.
  • Guild chat and Vent are strictly for politically incorrect jokes, foul language, sexual innuendos, dry wit, smartass remarks, bashing on how overpowered Warlocks are, and talk of itchy balls. Period. And poorly conceived flirtations directed at members who to the casual observer are of the female persuasion.
  • Loot in 5 and 10 man groups is resolved by /roll
  • Loot in 25 man raids revolves around a Zero-sum_DKP, modified to encourage progression.

TBC Raid Progress Edit


Kill Shot: Fathom-Lord Karathress, October 11, 2007

Karazhan - Cleared

World Bosses - Doom Lord Kazzak

Gruul's Lair - Cleared

Magtheridon's Lair - Cleared

Zul'Aman - Jan'alai (Two Bosses)

Serpentshrine Cavern - Morogrim Tidewalker (Five Bosses)

The Eye - Al'ar (Two Bosses)

The Black Temple - N/A

Mount Hyjal - N/A

Recruitment Edit

As of January 14, 2008 we are recruiting:

We are always looking for dedicated, talented, and coherent members.

Direct your applications to Our Application Forum, or contact in-game Aguchu, Deathstorm, Ancientsone, or Geriatric for information.

Please read the Applicants: sticky for the application format and other information.

Notable Members of Past and Present Edit

  • Xaro - Draenei Shaman - Holding Windfury Hostage Since '07
    1. One time, Xaro snorted a line of babies. -Thallia
    2. Xaro once Stormstruck a murloc for 12,768 damage and aggroed the whole coastline. -Sereus
    3. Xaro once killed me by casting lightning shield. -Verwin
    4. Odd, Xaro killed me by casting water shield. -Widdleach
    5. Xaro once Windfury'd me so hard, I got a Mortal Strike debuff from it. -Aguchu
    6. The other day I got electrocuted and then I heard Xaro laughing I came back to WoW... -Krew
    7. One time Xaro MC'd me off the boat, and I had to bubble/hearth... -McNuggs
    8. One time Xaro, !!!sdrawkcab sdrocer ym deyalp -Setoh
    9. "Last week I forgot to bring my weapons, so I decided to dual wield the rogues in my group instead. My DPS wasn't too great that week." -Xaro
    10. Xaro told Sheepie once in a tell to have his babies-- her real reason of gquitting was that she got pregnant from that tell." -Setoh
    11. One time, he sneezed. And that's when Atlantis went under. -Ultraman
    12. Xaro once pulled healing aggro during a duel. -Sereus
      1. ....and then died. -Silvergarde
    13. Xaro is a giant chicken in a man costume. -Thallia

  • Ultraman the sequel- Gnome Warlock / Night Elf Priest - Fist is also a verb
    • Holds the mythical power to get people to g-quit with mere syllables. Yes, he's that offensive.

Quotes Edit

"They should just starting giving these idiots level 60 hunters right off the bat. It's not like they'll ever learn how to play their class and it would save these idiots a lot of time." - Aguchu

"Well penis jones or die trying IMO." -Thallia

"My balls itch." -Krew

[Geriatric]: Get the dog (Spectral Hound in Karazhan) off me! It hurts!

[someone]: Well, don't keep dog food in your pants, then!

[Ultraman]: We've had this discussion many times, Joe. If you absolutely need to keep dog food in your pants, you make sure that's it not wet dog food. Get *dry* dog food.

[Geriatric]: Well, it wasn't dog food, it was peanut butter. And it wasn't exactly in my pants, but that's a story for a different time.

[Krew]: I thought dogs preferred marmalade.

[Ultraman]: Depends on the breed.

"Get the wallflower." "She's not a wallflower, she's just the only one with herpes." - exchange between Geaelith and Cilis

"/rw BRB, COCK => FRIDGE" - Our most cherished raid leader of times of old, Sparkee.

"And Lemonade has quit the guild." - Guild mantra. Said in reference to the kinds of comments that one *could* take the wrong way, but it turns out they were later innocuous and we stone the nancy-boy to death with our bludgeons and scaley and bruised penises of political correctness. The story behind this is that once upon a time, long before anyone had dinged 70, a long-gone but fondly-remembered member made an innocuous comment about an Asian clique within one of his engineering classes in Vent. It was by no stretch of the imagination a provocative or saucy comment. Lemonade g-quit mere seconds after, being by far one of the most sensitive people to have ever been honored by our company. We later found out that his skull caved in due to a gentle spring breeze. We raffed, he r|u|sed.

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