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This is a friends guild created with the sole purpose of providing a friendly, unpressured environment for dedicated and casual players.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Turalyon-EU. It is a friends guild created with the sole purpose of providing a friendly, unpressured environment for dedicated and casual players. To read more about the guild goto [1]. We are an invite only guild, which means you can only become a member by being offered membership my a member. This will normally only occur after they have know you for a period of time and are confident that you will fit into the guild. For more information you can contact any of the officers identified in this artical in game.

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Hysnap, Jimr, Thulgrim, Trajan, AG, Darkuul, Ukhal, Tirion, Arryllion and Blitzspear when the original THUD guild split to allow those not interested in high level 40 man instances to build a friends guild.

The name is a bad pun due to the preference of most founders to PVP at the point of guild creation, such that when asked "would you like to do an instance" they would respond "No .... pvp please". The guild however participates in all forms of game play and encourages members to experience the game to the full.

The guilds size and volume of active members has varied over its life, with it being an alts only guild for most of 2006 and increasing activity again following the release of TBC.

Raiding Edit

Currently the guild is co-operating with THUD to raid Karazhan and several of its guild members level 70's are on loan to other raiding guilds.

It occasionally organise's Old World fun raids.

If the guild again gets a larger regular group of online people it will organise its own higher level raids.

Guild Rules Edit

  • The good name of the guild is important. Any one discovered participating in Gold buying, Scamming, Account Selling, Ninja Looting or any activity deemed as bringing the guild in to disreput by the guild officers will lose their membership.
  • No member will be kicked from the guild for inactivity, they may be made one of "Old Gaurd" or "The Reservists" whilst we await there return. The guild accept's that peoples lives are not lived round WoW.
  • No Harassment of any form will be accepted, any one found harassing players either in this guild of not will lose their membership.
  • The guild chat channel is not a trade for profit channel, items offered in this channel should be for either vendor value or free.

Officers Edit

Hysnap (Loclap, Midsmack, Upcut, Hyrsnap), Guilty One 
Guild leader. Contact for admin, assistance and advice.
Firebirdie (Fearbob, Varva, Nidhog), Blood God 
One of the founders and regular online.

The guild has several other officers but these 2 should be the main points of contacts regarding anything associated with the guild.

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