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Ninja Assassin Sushi is an Alliance guild, primarily made up of Australians & New Zealanders, with a strong emphasis on socialising and having fun. PvP is a big part of the guild life, with Premade Battleground and Arena nights organised every week. However, PvE progression is where the guild spends most of its time, and more nights are devoted in pursuit of PvE than PvP. The main focus of guild life is always on enjoyment, while maintaining a friendly and laid back atmosphere.

General InformationEdit

The guild was formed on Server: Thaurissan US, and is aimed towards end game instances. Recruitments are only done via interview, with a heavy bias towards the people behind the characters, rather than their gear level or experience. It is a belief widely held in the guild that gear can be found, experience can be earned, but personalities tend not to change. All members are strongly encouraged to chat on the guild Ventrilo server, have fun, and socialise with one another.

PvE ProgressionEdit


The guild name has been used since 1997 by the starting members in games such as Quake 1, Diablo 1, Teamfortress and Counterstrike. In late 2006 the guild was created in World of Warcraft by a group of close friends and family. The initial aim was to simply reach maximum level, but as the members began to hit the level cap, the focus shifted to PvE raid progression. Numbers slowly grew over time via word of mouth, and by 2008 there were 100 accounts in the guild. In April 2008 free transfers were opened from Thaurissan to a new realm Server:Dreadmaul US, and over 95% of the Alliance population left in favour of this new realm. Ninja Assassin Sushi was the only alliance guild to remain on the server, and it was not unusual for members of Ninja Assassin Sushi to account for the entire online population for the Alliance. Several months later free transfers were opened back to Thaurissan, and the Alliance population began to recouperate. Ninja Assassin Sushi is still alive and well to this day, and is the oldest Alliance guild on the realm.



  • Aantu
  • Antirogue
  • Bigryan - Guild hero.
  • Blique
  • Bushidosun
  • Drick
  • Feralis
  • Harmony
  • Joorsh
  • Log - Gentleman, Scholar, Supermage.
  • Monodius
  • Nasbank
  • Nightworld
  • Riverwind
  • Sprangpistol
  • Tirion
  • Wooki - Grrrrrrlgnrlbrgle.

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