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Alliance 32 Guild:Nihil Obstat (Bloodhoof EU)

About the guild Edit

Nihil Obstat is formed on November the 18th 2008. A group of persons who know each other for a long time decided to take a next step in WoW raiding and decided to form their own guild for making that next step possible. Nihil Obstat is Latin for "Nothing stands in the way", and this is what the guild it about.

Nihil Obstat is a serious raiding guild, with a focus on progressing into the end game content. We consist of mature and friendly people that want to experience the content at a competitive rate. We are also aiming on a friendly and helpful environment outside of the raids, in the guild.

Progression Edit

The current state is:

Ulduar 10 man: 12/14 Ulduar 25 man: 10/14 (Some bosses downed with the guild Incorrect, this alliance is non existing anymore)

Recruitment Edit

Nihil Obstat is always searching for players that want to conquer the end game content. We look for mature players that can and will be focused in raids and don't mind wiping a whole night at 1 boss for guild progression.

For more information and application:

Contact Edit

For more information about the guild and/or changes to this page, contact any of the following officers Insomnica (alt Nightmaire), Nexiuz (alt Draniuz), DKSami and Adeuth (alt Lionen) in game.

You can also contact us on our own website:

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