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Night Sentinels is a casual guild with some 160+ characters located on Dragonmaw EU, Alliance Side. The Guild raids and PVP often but does not see itself as a Hard Core Raiding Guild, rather a warm and friendly place for like minded players to get together and get the most out of the game. We know no greed. The NS spirit is embedded in the way we play.

Overview Edit

This guild was one of the 1st formed on Dragonmaw (10th March 2005). It is dedicated to its members but also to the achievement of End Game Instances, we will recruit anyone at whatever level, but due to the size of the Guild, this is often limited to those that can and will contribute to the Guild and to the classes we may be short of. To apply to join goto [] and navigate to the forum to add a post in the guest section about yourself, your game style, what you want to achieve, and why NS is for you. For more information you can contact any of the Officers in game.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by a group of 3 misguided individuals with too much time on their hands, Tom Ric and Benjo. Having attempted one Quest on their own they rapidly came to the opinion that they needed more help and recruited many more Sentinels to assist. Over time the guild grew until a second guild was formed, the 'Knight Sentinels', a 60 only sister guild where some of the 'Night Sentinels' member would move for serious raiding. The 'Knight Sentinels' folded when the exodus from Dragonmaw to Frostmane was announced, and the remaining loyal players folded back into the ranks of the Night Sentinels which in the meanwhile continued to grow up and become bigger and stronger. The guild has gone through a series of changes over the last 2 years, with those that wanted to Raid more moving on, but thguild has gone from strength to strength, and with the advent of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich king, remains the most ancient guild on the server, alliance side, active since the opening of World of Warcraft in Europe.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

The Guild raids on a Thursday and a Sunday with other raids planned as continuation as required. Times vary but the current raiding schedule can be seen on the web site.

Guild Structure Edit

Guild Master and Guild Leaders

A group of 3 that form the guild council.


Most loyal helpful and friendly among all the Sentinels. You can trust them with your (WoW) life!

Honor Sentinels

A Honor Sentinel is special rank dedicated to persons that have put a lot of effort giving great contributions to the guild. It also applies to players who share the fun of playing together since we started this great adventure!

Sentinel Raider

A raider is devoted to long tough instances seeking for the ultimate gear (tier 7/8). Also a raider will usually play more regularly than a casual and will keep him(her)self updated on guild rules, raid dates & times, required addons (and more) by visiting often the forum. A raider accepts the fact that raids require stricter rules and certain talent builds as well as some sacrifice in term of game time. A raider must sign-up for at least one raid per week to keep their status, it doesn't matter if you don't get picked to go on the raid but you must be available for the raid(s) you have signed up for. Raider rank will always have priority over Casual rank on all raid content.


A Sentinel prefers may for their own reasons not raid but prefer to solo or run 5 men instances or pvp. Sentinels can be as active as raiders (and even more!) they just prefer other game content over raiding or don't have the time to raid every week, or maybe hav'nt yet reached level 80! They are no less Night Sentinels than anyone else. The Sentinel will be able to join raids however with lower priority over Raiders.


The freshly joined members. They become official members after a month of actively participating to guild life.

Guild Rules Edit

The character invited must be the main character for that player. No alts will be admitted to the guild unless they also have their main within the guild. If a main character leaves the guild, all their alts are removed.

When a member joins they are a recruit until they have been within the guild for 1 month. You must also have signed-up on the forum using their main characters name, otherwise they will be removed after 1 month. You don't have to read ever post just the rules section will do.

Who can bid on What? When a piece of gear drops (Armor, rings, trinkets, offhand), anyone present who can use the item, may bid – we hope that Night Sentinels will be considerate when deciding what to bid for and think twice before bidding on an item that could be put to far better use by another class. We do not operate a DKP system, preferring to agree to roll for the items on a need basis first for main spec then alt spec, this system is policed by the officers and actually works very well.

Begging is not tolerated, be it inside the guild or in public chat.

Founders Edit

The founders of Night Sentinels have now retired, however the Guild Council made up of the Guild Master and the Guild Leaders now run the guild. They are:

Jameolas, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Referred to In Guild Chat as many things but normally Jammy - has many many alts, main ones are Sivaran and Magdahlen.
Jex, Guild Leader 
goes by the name of Jacky and is a one character kind of gal.
Praylan, Guild Leader 
goes by the name of Glen and has more than a few level 80's!.

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