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Never Say Never is an experienced PvP and PvE guild that aims playing without disturbing its guildmembers' real life. Its people are kind and there's a group of people in it that are playing since the Burning Crusade Expansion Pack.

Guild ProgressEdit

The Cataclysm Progress by 1-12-2011 is 7/12.


The main Cataclysm events are held Tuesday to Thursday from 7 PM until 10 PM. PvP raids en pre-Cataclysm raids are held too in different moments.


The guild was created on August the 4th of 2010 by Luganis. He wanted to change the way the guilds were held in the realm, giving them a more personal touch to the community. Thereafter a lot of experienced players wanted to join the guild, allowing it to reach a good level of acceptation in the realm.

Currently are more players joining than leaving the guild.

Guild PoliciesEdit

Going to the guild website is needed in order to ask for membership.

The Guild Tabard is the official.

Being respectful with all the guildmembers is highly valuated.

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