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Netherguard is a friend and family oriented casual raiding guild.

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Guild Progress Edit

Achievement dungeon naxxramas normal Achievement dungeon coablackdragonflight Achievement dungeon nexusraid Achievement dungeon naxxramas heroic Achievement dungeon coablackdragonflight 10man Achievement dungeon nexusraid 10man
15/15 1/1 2/4 15/15 1/1 3/4

For Sartharion having four different difficulties, 1/4 means no drakes were up and scaling to 4/4 for 3 drakes being up (2/4 meaning 1 drake, 3/4 meaning 2 drakes).

History Edit

Netherguard is an end-game raiding guild that thrives on raiding. We aim for the best but at the same time keep raiding fun!

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday 6 p.m Server Time - 10 p.m Server Time

Guild rules Edit

  • Don't be a jerk!

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason.

Rellics, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Also, Icepac.
Jaagerboomb, Raid Leader 
He leads the raids. Please send turtle meat.
Sherpah, Officer 
Raid guy.
Couer, Officer 
Does she still do recruiting?
Cib, Officer 
Cursing king. Also Pephra.
Neja, Officer 
Also Neja.
Darkane, Officer
Cidfrostfire, Officer 
Fat Dwarf.
Gremith, Officer 
Big epeen.

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