This article is a guild information page for Nethergarde Legion of Lightninghoof US.

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General InformationEdit

Server: Lightninghoof US

Faction: Alliance

Website: http://

"What was once three are now one brought together by fate, forged through time we are Nethergarde Legion. Our goals are simple, eliminate the horde and protect the Dark portal from ever opening up again. We will not rest until we meet these goals what ever the cost. Welcome home friends."

We are a good-aligned guild. We participate in roleplaying, player vs player, player vs environment activities. We help each other out and regularly will assist each other in instance runs or gear aquisition. We are a very active guild, holding a guild meeting every Sunday at Nethergarde Keep.

Guild MembersEdit

We currently have over 400 members and wish for more. We accept all levels and we plan on hosting many raids and instances.


The Nethergarde Legion was formed by three guilds, Silver Blades, Organization X III, and most importantly, Imperial Legion. The Imperial Legion is one of the oldest guilds in the realm. It was formed soon after the creation of the realm Lightninghoof US.

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