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I thought it might be helpful for our new members and potential members to know a little bit more about our guild. So I put together this article in hopes to shed some light on what makes up the Nerd Herd.

History: The Nerd Herd was formed in March of 2005 when a group of coworkers came to find a great deal of fun playing WoW. It just so happens that most of us worked in a computer department of our company. Thus the name. :) The guild grew by getting friends and family hooked on the game and we are now a large group of folks who enjoy the game the way we chose to play.

Guild Web Site: [1]

Guild Roster: [2]

What kind of player types make up the guild? I believe that the members define the guild and we have members that have many different play preferences.

Alt Player Type: There are members who enjoy having lots of characters and learning all the talents they have to offer.

Casual Player Type: There are members who enjoy playing very casually and may not play more than once a week or even less.

Solo Player Type: There are members who chose questing and enjoy its challenges and would rather not run dungeons at all. They enjoy the challenges running solo or in very small groups.

PvP'ers: There are members who really dig PvP and prefer that to questing and even dungeons.

Single Toon Player: There are members who focus all of their time and efforts on a single character and strive to be the best at that one character.

Hard Core Gamer: There are also members who focus their sites on End Game Content and are very interested in succeeding in those dungeons with epic / legendary rewards.

So to answer the question I would have to say we are a guild that provides the environment of options to play how they want to play.

Questions from Guild Member Prospects

Q: Is your guild helpful?
A: I believe so, however help should be given freely and not expected. Many of us leveled to 70 either on our own or by doing Pick up Groups. Those who are seeking a guild primarily for help may not be happy here.

Q: Is there ever drama?
A: Since human beings are emotional creatures drama can surface from time to time. Our members have agreed to abide by the Guild Charter and Rules of Conduct [3] to being invited to the guild. They are agreeing to attempt to resolve the issue amungst themselves in private chat. If they are not able to resolve it then they are welcome to bring the issue to the attention of an officer. If an Officer is not able to mediate to a resolution then other guild captains can be brought into the mediation process. Members that cannot abide by our simple rules or chose to be disruptive are asked to exit themselves from the guild. A player is only removed from the guild when they chose not to leave and become disruptive to the harmony of the guild. The short answer is that drama is dealt with rather quickly when it surfaces and I think that is the best anyone can hope for.

Q: Are you a time zone based guild?
A: For the most part our play time seems to be concentrated around 6pm server time and later, on the week days, and pretty much from 7am and later on the week ends. We do have members from Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, and Australian Time zones playing.

Q: What demographic makes up the majority of your members?
A: I would have to say a majority of our players are working adults that play after work or on the weekends. Many of the members have children that play as well. We have full time moms and single working professionals. We have military personel and young teens. We have college students and Business owners. We have all walks of life and encourage the diversity.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Complete an post an information gathering form [4] the guild web site or send it to Fezgig by site Private Message.

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