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t all started at level 1. Crittre was born a troll rogue, born into the guild Nefarious. A horde guild on Bladefist server, created by the once great Simiot. As he leveled up he quickly established his place as one of the most skilled and feared troll rogues on the entire server. He gained the epic mount PREPATCH, and to this day that troll remains one of the few characters ever to ride upon a "Swift Mottled Red Raptor".

Alas, bladefist became a lag filled fest and Crittre wished to move to greater pastures. A new server was rumoured to be arising, one known as Ragnaros. Named after the ruler of molten core, the hardest boss in the entire game at the time, this server felt like destiny for young Crittre. So he packed up his bags, and rerolled onto Ragnaros the day it came up. Reborn a gnome warlock he leveled to 60 as fast as he could. His leveling was severely hampered by Nefarious raid progress, and upon hitting 60 he had already achieved full dreadmist gear. The real raiding begun and Critter (Renamed from Crittre because originally blizzard blocked the name Critter) begain to shine as the best player on the entire server. Taking over as raid leader he lead nefarious to many victories, commanding the entire raid alone with no officers to back him up. Mocking his opponants with serverfirst after serverfirst, mount, then all gear. His gear was insanely purple compared to the weak blues of other rival warlocks.

Then, it all went wrong, a server called homorush came and stole loads of da nefaz. It was a bad time but Critter did not despair. Some clever recruitment and nefarious downed the firelord himself. Yes it was a truely great feeling and Ofc it was server first. Nothing less for the nefarious.

Nefarious' reign at the top continued despite Critter taking a break for a brief period. Nefarian and every other boss in blackwing lair fell foul to their wraith. When blizzard announced a serverwide event to open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, Nefarious lead the charge. James was selected to be the noble scepter wielder, and a team of dedicated grinders began to complete the questline. Once complete, we had to wait for the rest of the slacker server to finish the war effort, and once that was done, it was time to open the gates...

...Or was it??!

Since we did everything, we decided to piss off the server a little bit and hold back on opening the gates. Hilarity ensued when DI'ng james in orgrimmar and listening to the feeble whines of the horde on IRC. After a few days we decided we were ready to fight what lay behind the well, and James hammered the gong. Mass server lag inc. Every char on the server seemed to charge for silithus, but with our inside information we had already got through and into AQ40. Amicitia decided to farm trash outside for hours cos they are well clever AMI FTW.

Anyway we got like all server firsts up to huhuran but then the unthinkable happened. Amicitia downed Emps before Nefarious. After downing emps we struggled on c'thun for a long period, this was obviously not right, so something had to be done. Nefarious decided to up and leave, in search of better players to fill their ranks, on the new migration server known as Frostmane, little did they know the competition would also be a lot stronger.

Everything went great for a bit, Maat took up raidleading (shouting at us) and we did cool for a while, downed c'thun and all that jazz and everything was smooth. The next step on our journey was Naxx. Leading up to naxx Nefarious' roster had dwindled, and some less skilled players had to be brought in to replace them (Brexxar). Critter, the great wise gnome, decided that Nefarious should merge with another guild, the leader of whom he met many nights idling in Ironforge. His name was Anarion, a strong yet retarded warrior with little to no skill but good gear. He sounded perfect for us.

We merged into Grief, and charged headfirst at naxx, downing boss after boss we went. Anarion missed most of it through disconnection but still some say that he was there in spirit. Dreams was the maintank, a little emo gnome that used to cry a lot. Officer chat was really funny since it was about as mature as a 12 year old birthday party. Dreams finally gquit, with alderstar, after achieving 7/9 tier3 and leaving us a maintank down. Great. Thanks m8z.

Anyway, Grief slowly turned into arguements, more and more about Anarions lack of a connection. Some say that it's all his fault that grief didnt succeed and if he had a connection not powered by a donkey we might have downed 4h. Critter eventually gave up raidleading and James took over, and that's when you knew it was the final page in the chapter of Grief. However, it was not before a great event happened. Detail ninajed c'thun, spurred on by rudolf and Frode, the evil swedes took over grief and burnt what was left of it into the ground. Always the swedes, always the swedes.

Critter, who of course was a Beta tester for TBC, realised that little was going to happen between then and expansion, and did the unthinkable. He sold his character on EBAY. He became an "ebay fgt".

TBC was really boring without me and i dont rly know wtf happened cos i missed it all, someone else can write this bit.

Anyway, I returned deep into TBC, creating a new warlock, born in the image of the last. I quickly gathered together some gear passable for raids and began DOMINATING the damage meters once again. Long live critter. However, soon after raiding with nefarious, it was obvious Warlock had grown boring, and Critter ebayed #2. Quite the ebay fgt.

Rumour has it, that he is rising once more, this time as a warrior. Whether he shall ebay again remains yet to be seen, but if he can resist temptation he surely will become the servers greatest warrior ever.


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