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We named our guild, Necessary Evil, because that is what guilds are in World of Warcraft. The only way you can do raids is through guilds. The problem is guilds are full of cliques, problem interpersonal relationships and drama. This guild is built on the premise that raiders will succeed on ability and teamwork, not on who you know or who your friends are. Rewards follow to those who believe in that alone. We will raid high level instances and we expect people to have skills and savy to tackle this level of raiding. If you are on this level please apply.

Guild progress Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Monday - Friday: 8pm-11pm (server time)
  • Sat & Sunday: Off-night/Alt raid

Applying Edit

  • Website - You can go to and apply.
  • In-Game - You may contact any member of the guild in game if you would like an invite.

Officers Edit

Barmal- Guildmaster
Khos- Main Tank, Raid Leader
Meatshock- Raid Leader, Healing Lead
Olscool- Raid Leader
Moonaesa- Webmaster
Nubpwn- Recruitment

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