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Our philosophy and goals

The Mystic Daggers is an Alliance Guild on the Azjol-Nerub European realm which is dedicated to providing a safe, fun environment to explore World of Warcraft in. We provide help and support to all of our members.

We tend to recruit from the more mature players on the server.

We have very few low level players in the Guild and tend to look for players that know their chosen classes well.

Currently we are devoting a lot of our time to increasing expertise in end game instances.

We are now working on the last few bosses in ICC10.

We have many dedicated members and a large pool of skilled casual players to call on. We are attaining our goal to be able to take on all encounters in the World of Warcraft. This has been done through a slow considered osmosis of players.

We make extensive use of our website and ventrilo server to pull together a real community.

The guild was started by Wuuf, a level 1 (or thereabouts) character and the majority of the members that joined at a low level are still with us enjoying the friendly, rewarding atmosphere we provide.


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