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General Information Edit

  • Server: Aerie Peak
  • Faction: Alliance 15 Alliance
  • Focus: PvE
  • Website:
  • Raid Times: 3 times per week, weeknight raids start 7:30pm EST (4:30 server time)
  • Recruitment Status: limited recruitment
  • Founded: August 6, 2006

Mission Statement Edit

MOMiT is an adult, casual raid guild founded to help players experience and enjoy a wider range of content in World of Warcraft. This includes the content designed for players who have reached the level cap, as well as that which we can create for ourselves through organized PvP events and social undertakings.

These aspects of the game - which some players never get to experience - are about much more than the individual. They're about alliances, about people coordinating their efforts in order to attain their goals, and about developing worthwhile relationships with other fun and skilled players!

We believe that this can only be achieved in an environment where people respect and rely upon other individuals - in a group built on trust, citizenship, and camaraderie. It is vital to our mission to maintain the guild as a place where spouses, kids, schooling, and other Real World responsibilities will always come first. Our policies seek to balance this priority with our mutual aspirations for progression, companionship, excitement, and discovery.

These are the ideals that unite us, and we welcome players who share our vision.

Guild Officers Edit

  • Anaea (Guild Administrator)
  • Breue (Steward)
  • Dmom (Steward)
  • Dralektus (Steward)

Recruitment Information Edit


  • 4/14 H SoO 25M 

What MOMiT offers:

  • A fun and relaxed raiding environment
  • Adult, mature players to interact with
  • A strong sense of community
  • An atmosphere of mutual support and learning

Ideal Candidates:

  • Are mature, over 18 years
  • Are laid-back/goofy/silly or all of the above
  • Are interested in improving themselves as players and raiders
  • Are realistic about their play schedules, and their raid capabilities
  • Are looking for a lighter raid-schedule (35+ hours a week players WILL be bored)

Raiding Requirements:

  • Mumble
  • Omen
  • oRA2

Contacts: Dmom#1551 or any available Steward, in-game. You can also reach us at our website.

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