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Guilds  Mutation Team (Haomarush EU)


Realms  Haomarush Europe (PvP)

Turkish Horde raiding guild on the PvP server Haomarush.

Established in 1998 by a few close friends of the Turkish team's games the past, to reach out to the beta version of Counter-Strike. To play World of Warcraft started as the Stormrage EU - PvE. Then they was re-born in the Burning Legion EU - PvP realm as a undead. At that time, people who apply for membership should be the undead race.. Due to server problems, have moved to the Grim Batol EU - PvP. In 2009 went to the Haomarush EU - PvP realm. And of course, in Turkey, despite a bad latency (around 300ms+), through the discipline has reached many achievements.

Thanks to its high level of selectivity of people. The number has come to replicate today. Currently with 2 team has had a staff exceeding 200 people.

Mutation Team History

Realms  Haomarush Europe (PvP)

Realms  Haomarush Europe (PvP)

Bc icon Karazhan Bc icon

Bc icon Gruuls Lair Bc icon Bc icon Magtheridon's Lair Bc icon Bc icon Raid Bosses/World Bosses Bc icon

Bc icon Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern Bc icon Bc icon Eye (Tempest Keep) Bc icon

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