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<Much Too Much> is an alliance guild on The Venture Co. The primary focus of the guild is PVP, although members also enjoy PVE on occasion.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed on the horde side of Thunderlord. Several key members rerolled alliance on The Venture Co. in late June 2006. Formed the day the server opened, <Much Too Much> is now one of the oldest guilds on the server and is known for its fierce reputation in PvP battle. The ranks had dwindled somewhat during the WotLK expansion, but with the PvP changes promised in Cataclysm, membership is back to levels not seen since vanilla/The Burning Crusade. This is in large part due to a merger with the prominent horde PvP guild <Senjin Village People>, whose members faction changed to alliance and joined <Much Too Much> to bolster the ranks for rated battlegrounds.

Guild PvP Information Edit

PvP is and always has been the main focus of <Much Too Much>. The guild will have a strong presence in rated battlegrounds. Members are also active in arenas. Please see our Armory page (link forthcoming) or the Arena ladder (link forthcoming) for more information. Many members' arena teams boast Gladiator, Duelist and Rival ratings, with Venture Co.'s only Gladiator team in season 1, Stand or Die. Most members play arena games seriously and competitively. We also actively monitor World Defense, and provoke World PvP whenever possible.

Guild PvE Progression Edit

Baradin Hold (10) - Pit Lord Argaloth down
Blackwing Descent (10) - Magmaw down
Throne of the Four Winds (10) - Conclave of Wind down

We are very casual about raiding; we will probably go back to the Icecrown Citadel for fun after Cataclysm comes out like we did for Naxxramas (at level 60 difficulty) after The Burning Crusade. We raid a maximum of 1-2 nights per week on average. Raid participation is voluntary and PvP takes precedence.

Guild Rules Edit

We are all adults; guild chat is not policed except for extremely vulgar or offensive language. No /spitting. Don't dish it if you can't take it. Join vent, get to know your guildies. Be humble. Gear up. Be active. For more specific information, contact any officer.

Recruitment Edit

Interested players should send a tell or mail in-game to Myzari for more information about joining. Please log out in your PvP gear so we can see it on the Armory, and be prepared to demonstrate a willingness to participate and strong knowledge of your class. Generally, new recruits should be level 85, but exceptions are sometimes made for friends and family of existing members. While there is no set age minimum, players should be mature and able to handle adult conversations (and a whole lot of teasing/fun-poking/friendly insults).

Officers Edit

Much Too Much is lead by a community; while someone has to wear the GM hat for Blizzard's purposes, any of the officers can answer questions.

Guild Master
Argaio, Birr, Falero, Myzari, Pacer, & Sillen (and their alts).

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