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Alliance 32 The Mountain GuardEdit

Who is the Mountain Guard? An elite force located on the Moon Guard server Battlegroup US Emberstorm. It is a heavy role-playing guild that is restricted to Dwarves only. Only dedicated and active role-players are considered for membership. For more information of the guild you can visit their website at Ales&Axes; Beards&Braids.


The Mountain Guard can be found wandering the many corners of the world, but more often will be found in the Military Ward and the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge.

About Mountain GuardEdit

An exclusive Dwarf-only guild focused on the defense of King Magni Bronzebeard and his domain, the Mountain Guard is often referred to as 'The King's Own." Comprised of honored veterans from many clans, this heavy infantry force has been assembled to deal with the many threats rising to face Dwarven lands. They are without equal.

Strict codes of honor, drill and ceremony, and discipline are required. This is a heavily themed military guild, and it shows. You should only join if you wish to have an active role in the world around you, and not simply coast by on the laurels of a guild title or name.

Any Dwarf Role-player is accepted, after they prove to be a valuable asset to the guild, and are deemed a good addition to the guild as a whole. Any applicant seeking to join the guild should initiate role-play with any of our members, especially the officership, in order to create a relationship with the guild. We strive to know each member, and account for each member's role-playing ability before we accept them into our ranks. Oftentimes, this means your invitation could take well over a day, requiring you to wait for role-play, or to go out on some menial task an officer sends you on. This is a test of your willingness to join the guild; if you haven't the patience to do that, you do not have the patience to enter our ranks.

Ranking StructureEdit


The Tabard of The Mountain Guard

Thane - The Guild Leader
Noble Dwarf in good standing with the Ironforge monarchy. Unwavering dedication to the Mountain and its inhabitants. Field commander when present, may also take the role of any of the other officers when they are not present. Has final say on all matters, in-character and out. The ruiner of worlds. You will never attain this rank, peasant.
Lorekeeper - Officer Rank
Oversees the spiritual well-being of the regiment, and ensures traditions are maintained in all that we do. Is often sent as the guild's ambassador. Inspires soldiers during combat, and promotes Dwarven culture at home. Also handles storyboarding and literature for the guild's events.
Master of Recruits - Officer Rank
Handles all incoming recruits, and instructs them in place of the Thane himself. A valuable asset to the Regiment, he instills the virtues of the guild into every member. Bi-weekly training events include both in-character and out-of-character information, from guild procedures to how to tank an instance. Every member of the Regiment gets to know him, whether they want to or not.
Throne Guard - PvP Prestige Rank
Requirements: The Thane's Challenge, worthy PvP accomplishments, full PvP set. LvL 80 (Notes: An elite PvP rank granted by the Thane himself, forming a cadre of tough-as-nails dwarves who defend the King to the death - an honor guard. Must remain permanently flagged. Rank can, and will, be removed if warranted.)
Ironbeard - Veteran Rank
Requirements: Grudgekeeper's Challenge completed, active member. Level Requirements: 60+
Heavy Infantry - Full Member
Requirements: Training and Quests completed to Ewen's satisfaction, active member. Level Requirements: Variable
Mountaineer - New Recruit
Requirements: Must have IC Interview. Level Requirements: 20+

Officers and Prominent MembersEdit


The Mountain Guard forming in South Shore to help defend the area from the marauding horde

IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall PaladinSpell holy holybolt Grungnir Oakenshield, The Thane : Thane of the Mountain Guard (Guild leader)
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall PaladinSpell holy holybolt Ewen Forgeheart, The Lorekeeper : Master of Recruits
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Dunrim Grimquarry, Throne Guard : Throne Guard
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall PriestSpell holy powerwordshield Igtenos Silverhammer, Veteran of Alterac Valley : Heavy Infantry
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Brunlun Ironfist, Warrior : Heavy Infantry
IconSmall Dwarf FemaleIconSmall PriestSpell holy guardianspirit Ciarrah Firebraid, Priestess : Heavy Infantry


World PvP Raid
It is common to see the dwarves of The Mountain Guard forming up in the Military Ward in Ironforge to lead an assault on some major Horde city or to defend the Throne Room of the High Thrane.
Dwarf Exclusive
Known for their "Dwarf" only raids and PvP exploits.
Active Battlegrounds
Weekly All Dwarven Pre-Made Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp Raids.
Military Themed RP
"In-Character" Training sessions. Drilling and PvP training.
Active Role-Playing
Taking over a local Tavern to Celebrate victory and to divulge in a celebratory drinking fest. (Not that they actually need a reason as dwarven custom allows) or just a Role-playing Jaunt into Northrend to "explore".


User: Thorongoral Stonefist, The Oathbinder. Former Mountaineer of the Mountain Guard and Earthmender of Stonefist Clan

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