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Mortifera is a progressive raiding guild made up from members of the Horde on the Turalyon EU PvE realm.

Their aim is to create a friendly and mature environment for end game raiding through democracy. The guild does not have a single Guild Master, the duties of running the guild are spread out between the officers of the guild.

Mortifera raids 25man content from 20:30-00:00 CET four days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. With Cataclysm our aim is to take down all Heroic content and continue our position from WoTLK.

Raid ProgressEdit

Cataclysm RaidingEdit

Mortifera raids begin January 6th 2011

Wrath of the Lich King RaidingEdit

The Ruby SanctumEdit


Icecrown CitadelEdit


Crusader's ColiseumEdit



Hard ModeEdit
Normal ModeEdit

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Pre-LK ProgressEdit


Mortifera operates an internal audit on all applications, for review by current memberbase. They are currently recruiting all classes for Cataclysm, and do not turn away good applications. Current officers for contact are Pyromaniac, Skore, Yardin and Buubb.

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