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Morrigan was formed on Server:Runetotem Europe. It is dedicated towards end game raids, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application please use our application thread For more information you can contact Tharika, Haedhoncho, Rivete or Ryte in game.


This guild was originally formed by Tharika and Shayolghul, two ex members of a powerful guild on another realm. After we've seen the TBC content and got Illidan Stormrage on farm they decided it's time to help others grow and see the same content as they did. So they transferred to Server:Runetotem Europe (Shay did it a few months before) and started out Morrigan.

Ever since the guild grew and went through loads of pain but in the end they became one of the most respected guild on Runetotem.

Notable happenings:

  1. Qualzar - former priest CL and officer robbed the GV and sells his account.
  2. The guild almost crashed when multiple players including 2 officers left the guild and split to form another one at the beginning of "WotLK"
  3. Drama strikes again and Schønning (one of the best hunters and players we've seen) and another officer leave the guild (sad day)
  4. Guild reaches 4th top Horde
  5. In july 2009 we celebrate our 1st birthday

All in all the guild has seen good and bad days but in the end is still there and kicking bosses.

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

  • Monday, 9:00 PM Server
  • Tuesday, 9:00 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 9:00 PM Server
  • Thursday, 9:00 PM Server
  • Sunday, 9:00 PM Server


Tharika, Guildmaster 
Founder of Morrigan (now playing Archaniela as main)
Rivete, Officer  
Public Relations
Haedhoncho, Officer 
Ryte, Officer
Rapski, Class Leader 
Harfolorun, Class Leader 
Damyou, Class Leader 
Death Knight
Galactic, Class Leader 
Revenant, Class Leader 
Scuffles, Class Leader 

Special thanks to ex-membersEdit

Bufford aka Sean

Guild progressEdit

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit


Icecrown Citadel

Raid Status
  • 25 men - 5/7
  • 10 men - 6/7
  • 25men - 0/5
  • 10men - Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • 25 men HM - 3/9
  • 10 men HM - 7/9
  • 25 men - Cleared
  • 10 men - Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared

Burning CrusadeEdit

Black temple air

Black Temple

Raid Status
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared
  • Cleared

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